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Cupid Hates You…..But Hallmark Loves You

by Travis on February 14, 2010

I hate Valentines day, it’s a rather pointless holiday. One for the card makers, jewelers, and candy makers. Oh well, for those of you that are getting down like that, we got some gems for you. We even got something for those of you that aren’t down with it, or just don’t have anyone to share this crapshot of a holiday. Call it our soundtrack from some “between the sheets” type of activities.

And if you are bored, you go check out my Valentine’s day rant from 2007 and get some WYDU Tips to survive V-day. (I was a little pissy in those days…)

Dillon Maurer – “Cupid’s Revenge: The Ain’t Shit Suite” (Produced by Batsauce)

First off, we start off on more of an “anti-Valentines Day” rant from my peoples Dillon Maurer and Batsauce. Being a big fan of both of these cats, it’s great to see Dillon and Bat hook up to produce a Valentines Day Suite. Dillon rants about a lost love over some SOULFUL Batsauce beats. It’s perfect for those of you out there trying to mend a broken heart. Of course it gets happier on this (just under) ten minute ride toward the end as Dillon gets his “Space Pimpin’” on, getting back in the saddle. This is the one to jam, even if you aren’t hating the opposite sex this messed up holiday day.

- “Cupid’s Revenge: The Ain’t Shit Suite”
Its real quick – 5 beats / 8 minutes, produced by Batsauce (of The Smile Rays,
Lady Daisey, and more…)

Here’s the link to Download it for free at bandcamp -

I. New Love 01:52
II. Heartsachord 01:18
III. Nothing to Lose 01:01
IV. Fly Away 01:38
V. Space Pimpin’ 02:19

Of course for my good people who do radio or if ya got kids here’s a link to the CLEAN VERSION

The Movement Family Valentine’s Mixtape: Second Time Sweeter

The good people at the Movement Family (Cee & Bekah, Notion, Tommy Gunnz, Theory, Micnificent and DJ Grain) have teamed up WYDU and Kevin Nottingham to bring you some classic “baby makin’ music”, of course for the new decade. Last year, you know you laid some pipe to the tunes brought to you by DJ Grain and the crew. Well it’s the same for this year as well.

Download The Movement Fam Presents The Valentine’s Day Mixtape Volume 2: Second Time Sweeter mixed by DJ Grain

The Movement Fam’s Valentine’s Day Mixtape, entitled Second Time Sweeter.

This year, we’ve hit y’all with the same smooth blend of tunes to soundtrack your day, ranging from neo-soul, to reggae, soulful Hip Hop, acoustic rock and everything in between. Y’all also get TWO exclusive songs this year; one from The Movement Fam’s own Cee & Bekah (‘Something You Forgot’), and another from The Lessondary Crew’s Jermiside (‘Time Flies’).

Singles Awareness Day 2 [S.A.D. #2: The Mix Compilation]

My man Modi over at DCtoBC is also helping out the solo cats and vixens out there get thru the holiday as well. Some good ish going down on this one as well.

S.A.D. Singles Awareness Day 2 [S.A.D. #2: The Mix Compilation].

It’s here. Dedicated to all maneaters, heartbreakers, and hopeless romantics – you know who you are. Proceed to download. It’s an epic one, I think.

I appreciate all the support greatly. Like the last one, there’s no playlist. 38 songs, all different artists, and all in the theme of the mixtape’s title in some way, shape, or form. All feedback is appreciated, and if it’s really in depth or you’d rather it not be in the comment section or something, send me an e-mail: modi[at]DCtoBC[dot]com. – Modi

Get It Here:

Dj Matt Cali & Russel Fong Present “Luvsick” A Love Song Mix….

I had to include anything that has A Tribe Called Quest AND Christopher Cross on it. I’ll even over look the fact that REO Speedwagon is on here (if I ever hear another one of their songs, it’ll be too soon). I like the variety, haven’t had a chance to listen to it, but the dudes are usually come proper with it


Title: “Luvsick”
Mixed By: Dj Matt Cali
Beats Compiled by Russel Fong & Matt Cali
Artwork by: Russel Fong
Running Time: 55min

Just in time for Valentines Day comes the fourth installment from the mixtape super duo Dj Matt Cali and Russel Fong. But if you are looking for a sappy slow jam mixtape you are obviously unfamiliar with the way these two get down (pause). “Luvsick” is a perfect blend of all types of love songs ranging from REO Speedwagon, Radiohead,Teddy Pendagrass, to the likes of Slum Village, Jodeci and Lil Wayne. And like all Russel Fong and Matt Cali presentations it is mixed in true school turntable fashion. Please sit back, relax, enjoy and repost.

(*additional artists include- Marvin Gaye, Sade, Mayor Hawthorne, Al Green, Jagged Edge, Art of Noise, Janis Joplin, Led Zepplin, Christopher Cross, George Michael, Tribe Called Quest, Lloyd Charmers, The Manhattans, Matthew Larkin Cassell, The Jackson 5, The Isley Brothers and many many more…)

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Cee February 15, 2010 at 7:46 am

Great post homie! Hella good shit to soundtrack the day. lol @ laid the pipe to our shit last year. GOLD!

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