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Wu-Tang Clan Remixes

by BC on February 16, 2010

I posted a few maxi-singles a few months back and I was going to put these up, but I couldn’t find the Reunited CD. As I was cleaning, I found it and decided I might as well throw these up here.

Reunited Remixes

Based on the liner notes, it looks like the producers on this maxi-single are European, possibly all German. I found a little information on WestBam and funkstorung and they are German. The mixes are interesting, although the R&B gal singing “It’s Wu motherfuckers” sounds way out of place on anything other than the original song.

1) Reunited Mix by Hithunter – I like this remix. It’s pretty mellow and has some guitar with a bit of an orchestral feel.

2) Reunited Mix by WestBam – This is a quicker electronica type of mix. I don’t know if it’s my kind of thing, but it’s interesting to listen to and there are some cool aspects of the beat. This mix is crazy long at 7:26, a full 2 minutes longer than the original track.

3) Reunited Mix by Zulutronic – The most interesting thing about this mix is that it adds an echo to the vocals. The beat is more electronic than the previous song and not something I would listen to if it featured some generic artist.

4) Reunited by funkstorung – Man, this one is all over the place. It only features only ODB and Rza and Rza’s vocals are all sorts of jacked up. This mix is odd.

5) Reunited LP version – This is the LP version and probably my favorite song on the Wu’s second album.

Triumph Maxi-Single

From what I can tell, this is an import from England, or so says the sticker on the case. There isn’t as much on hear as the Reunited maxi I have, but there is one good reason to have this.

1) Truimph LP version – Triumph is probably #2 on my favorites from Wu-Tang Forever. This is just the LP version.

2) Wu-Gambinos (Hidden Chamber Remix) – This is really the only reason for having this in my collection looking back. When I bought this, I probably didn’t even pay attention to the tracks. It was Wu-Tang, so I had to buy it and probably dropped 10-15 on this at the time. The liner says it’s remixed by Rza and co-mixed by The Fourth Disciple. It’s a pretty cool mix and worth a listen.

3) Triumph Instrumental – Self explanatory right here.

4) Triumph Clean Version – See above. This proves that Wu-Tang really IS for the babies. RIP ODB.

Download both here:

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