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A Weekly Pick: Dirty Hank

by Travis on March 1, 2010


When he isn’t making suicide threats or drinking excessively, Dirty Hank a.k.a Adolph Oliver Bush is an MC. He recently spent 6 months working 7 songs in which he compiled into an EP titled, “Dirty Hank‘s Guide to Giving Up”. This unique presentation of random acts of fuckery bleeds pain, anger, frustration, sexual angst, and disgust – all beautifully blended over production from acclaimed Providence beatsmith Falside, and up and comer Mad Plaid. Providence wordsmith, Reason of the Poorly Drawn People collective was pressured into making an appearence on “Fade to Wack” and “Overselpt”. If your not left feeling deprived and anxious after listening to “Dirty Hank‘s Guide to Giving Up”, somebody didn’t do their job.



1. The Yap (Prod by Mad Plaid)
2. Umbrellas and Mac 10′s (Prod by Falside)
3. Overslept ft. Reason (Prod. by Falside)
4. Beatrix Kiddo (Prod. by Mad Plaid)
5. What You Did / What Your Doin’ (Prod by Falside)
6. Fade to Wack ft. Reason (Prod by Mad Plaid)
7. Song About a “C” Word (Prod by Falside)

Artist : Dirty Hank
EP : The Guide to Giving Up
Release Date : 2/16/2010
Label : Cold Circuit
Mood : Dead
Cover Art by Falside

Trav’s Take:

I had heard the name “Dirty Hank” from the Poorly Drawn People circuit as well as from Falside. He reminds of of a cross between 1986 circa Beastie Boys and Slug. He can be brash and drunkenly obnoxious, but he also reflects on life itself, sometimes it sounds like it’s through the bottle of a beer glass, which is alright in my book as well. The production is top notch as Falside keeps getting better and better and Mad Plaid drops some heaters as well. This is just a fun EP all around, not being too serious, but still touching on things with some attitude.

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