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Trav's most played for (the past couple) Week(s): Part One

by Travis on March 3, 2010

Joe Scudda – Catch Up

Good to hear that all the HOJ cats that were involved in an accident last week are doing good and no life threatening injuries were sustained. Joe Scudda dropped his “Not Your Average Joe” mixtape last week as well. Before it dropped though, Joe leaked “Catch Up,” produced by Statik Selektah, and it immediately grabbed my attention. Joe brings that “shit talkin’” fun rap, which is always fun. To me, that’s what hip hop should be, fun boasting and bragging. Joe’s not saying anything mind shattering, but he just goes for his over the dope beat.

NoCanDo – Hurry Up and Wait

For those of you out there that know my tastes in hip hop might be surprised that I’m digging this track, but “Hurry Up and Wait” by LA’s NoCanDo has gotten a lot of play from me. Even though it possess a auto-tune sounding chorus, that’s actually one of the catchy things about the song. I’ve caught myself often over the past few weeks singing this song to myself in my head. It’s armed with a wicked bass line that just rumble’s along through out the course of the song. NoCanDo is a graduate of the famed Project Blowed school, so you know the cat can spit, which he does just that on the track.

RADIx – The Return

I’ve been a fan of these cats since running into the monSTAPLEx album early last year. I was already a fan of Quite Nyce, so when I first heard “The Return,” I was floored. The duo of Nyce and Seek were already talented and released plenty good music, but “The Return” is above and beyond anything they have released in the past. Once again, Statik Selektah is reminding us why we should peek his shit that he drops, with tons of scratching, well placed vocal samples and just a straight gritty and raw hip hop sound.

Intuition feat SlugBuzzkill

I’m a sucker for a good song about women, the evil that they can be, and drinking. Maybe cause it reminds me so much of my life. Intuition is one of those cats that pleasantly surprised me this year, as his album mirrors things happening to myself, much like some Atmosphere albums. Fittingly enough, Slug makes an appereance on here and drops a classic Slug verse. Call it emo if you want, but as I grow older, I need music that affects my everyday life and that’s what “Buzzkill” does, and in perfect fashion.

Crown Nation - Tha Bass Song

I don’t hide the fact that I’m a bass head. Give me some bass that shakes the trunk, or in my case these days, shakes the computer speakers off the shelf, and I’m happy. The Detroit duo of Denmark Vessey and Quelle, otherwise known as Crown Nation, brings a bare bones beat with hand claps, snares and of course some speaker damaging bass. Simple and bangin’ all at the same time.

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