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He’s Still Here! © DJ Premier

by Staff on March 5, 2010

First off, yes I have jumped back into the blogging game. My new personal blog is called Bastard Swordsman, I’ll be doing my huge project posts over there because the formatting is simpler & all I have to do is write over @ Tumblr. I will continue to contribute here @ Bloggerhouse & my What’s New In Dart’s iPod & my other drops (Most Played For The Week, Most Slept On, mixtapes & artist features, etc.) will be posted here as well. My Producers You Need To Here Right Now and cult movie lists will be composed and posted on Bastard Swordsman.

I took it easy during January & February but I’m getting back into game heavy beginning in March. I’d like to thank Eric & Travis for holding me down in the interim. March is shaping up to be ridiculous as far as music is concerned. Wack shit will not be tolerated & all our prayers and well wishes go out to the Elam family. Get well, Guru. If it wasn’t for you, who knows when Boston Hip Hop would’ve finally broken nationally. Next up: What’s New In Dart’s iPod #7 AKA March Madness Part One & 5 Most Slept On Releases Of 2010 So Far (According To Me)


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