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tha Best Of: tha Connection

by Eric C. on March 9, 2010

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You know, ever since I’ve been blogging, I don’t know if I’ve ever taking a liking to a duo quite as I have the combination of Smoovth and Hus aka Tha Connection. Yeah, I’ll be the first to admit, I have my favorites; acts that have emerged from the depths of wackness, better known as the current state of “overground” Hip Hop.  Artists such as Apollo Brown, The Left, 14KT (the whole Athletic Mic League, for that matter), Ill Poetic and the Jazz Addixx, to name a few, have rekindled my love for the music and art form. And while the pickins’ can be slim at times, it’s dudes like the aforementioned cats that spark originality in Hip Hop, and it’s THEM whom will be left standing when all the dust has cleared.

Now, if there’s one thing tha Connection isn’t lacking it’s work ethic. Whether it’s their abundance of “free” downloads (you can download them all HERE ) albums like the “Universal Dominance” LP, “Connect” and the “Food” EP, “proper” releases such as “Love Royale” and “Trapeze” or their solo work (Hus has recently released what I believe to be to Japan-only LPs in “Soul Swim” and “AMAERU”, while Smoovth has a forthcoming solo effort on Digi Crates Records) have all been mainstays in my IPod for going on three years now.  With all those albums comes an abundance of tracks (some of which have appeared on more than one Connection release), so what I’ve done is compiled a “Best Of” or a collection of “loose tracks” for what is one of my favorite duos out there right now.  The following mix is Bloggerhouse approved as I’ve been bumpin’ the following tracks in succession for goin’ on a month right now.  So here it is, unofficially Bloggerhouse presents “The Best Of tha Connection”..ENJOY!

Track Listing

1. “Sentido” (prod. by AGQ) From: “Universal Dominance” EP

2. “Take It Higher” (prod. by Vans Cal) From: “Trapeze”

3. “Walking Lotus” (prod. by Ialone) From: “Love Royale”

4. “The Tunnel” f. Rozewood (prod. by Reeplay) From: “Universal Dominance”

5. “Short Milk” From: “Trapeze”

6. “Kryptonite” f. Drypht (prod. by Kryptonite) From: “Connect”

7. “Dum Dum Dum” From: “Love Royale”

8. “Thunderball” Remix (prod. by Vans Cal) From: “Food” EP

9. “She Says Nothin” From: “Trapeze”

10. “So In Love” (prod. by Vans Cal) From: “Love Royale”

11. “Hibernation” (prod. by Vans Cal) From: “Universal Dominance”

12. “Theme Song Of Foul Play” From: “Trapeze”

13. “Karma” From: Hus’ “AMAERU”

14. “Venerable Leash” Remix From: “Trapeze”

15. “Royale” From “Love Royale”

16. “There’s Nothing” (prod. by Kryptonite) From: “Connect”

17. “Poems Thru Tapped Phone Lines” (prod. by Vans Cal) From: “Food” EP

18. “Antidote” (prod. by DJ Excellence) From: “Connect”

19. “Feelings” (prod. by Insp) From: “Food” EP

20. “The Admiral” From: Hus’ “Soul Swim”


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marcseven March 16, 2010 at 8:02 am

Take It Higher has to be in MY top 10 favorite records of all. (i say MY because fool’s can’t distinguish between “my” and “the”)

ialone March 22, 2010 at 5:31 pm

I didn’t produce the walking lotus track, i just mixed it, and lay down some cuts, the producers name is Mok Vurban of the Chessurect click.

Peave and love

ialone, sweden.

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