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Yo WYDU Raps

by Travis on March 15, 2010

One of my favorite “discoveries” of 2009 is back with a new album. Grand Invincible was featured last summer in a WYDU Artist Spotlight, and have been in rotation pretty much ever since. They are getting set to release Cold Hand in the Dice Game, which picks up where Ask The Dust, left off. The first single, “The Way We Revolt,” is nothing back authentic, boom-bap hip hop from the good ole days, or as some may say, the way hip hop should be done.

Download the track here.
Listen to snippets and buy the album “Cold Hand in the Dice Game,” here.

Kam Moye, formerly Supastition, is proud to announce the release of his latest video, “Splitting Image”. Produced by Symbolyc One (of Strange Fruit Project), and shot and directed by Matt Koza, whose credits include Little Brother, RJD2, and Kam’s own “Let’s Be Honest,” the video depicts a story about life’s choices forcing growth and gaining knowledge. Apparent throughout the video, Kam’s name change is more than just cosmetic – the “splitting image” also refers to a distinct change lyrically towards a wiser persona with a great deal of life experience and perspective.

The breathy and angelic vocal stylings of Neenah complement the setting of the video and serve to balance Kam’s confident and poised rhymes. Standing amidst a barren backdrop, Kam delivers a powerful message and challenges listeners to not only “grow older” but to also “grow” as individuals. Kam Moye explains, “I wanted it to document my real life story of becoming a father at 16 and show the pressure I was facing at the time. I couldn’t even take care of myself when I brought my daughter into the world.” He continues, “It’s a way of showing younger people that your life isn’t over when you make a bad decision but it means you’ve got to work twice as hard at your dreams. Hopefully someone will feel inspired by it.” By juxtaposing Kam’s verbals with visuals of a teenager’s unplanned circumstances, the video makes good on its promise of hope and resilience. Kam Moye raps, “It’s hard to backtrack, start a new beginning. / So starting today I’m vowing to make a new ending. / They say a new you is hard to rebuild / But keeping some personal flaws are just part of the deal.” (press)

Buy the album here.

(Official video) Sadat X feat. Pete Rock“Turn It Up” featured on Wild Cowboys II
full album available In Stores & OnLine 3/23/10
*EP* Vinyl & Digital available In Stores & OnLine 2/23/1

I’m really diggin’ this track, Pete and Sadat before come back after a string of some disappointing releases. Pete utilizes a dope fuzzy guitar like sample that give the track a harder edge. Sadat sounds like the Brand Nubian Sadat of old. At one time, I would have considered him one of my favorite emcees and it’s performances such as this that made me think that. I’m going to have to check out the Wild Cowboys II album now after hearing this banger.

Okay, now I’m not sure if these dudes name is “Prince Hottness” (which I hope not) or “The Cure”. For the life of me, I can’t find the email that sent this. Despite the questionable name, I’m really feeling this joint. Nothing mind blowing or genre breaking, it’s just a solid straight up hip hop song with a dope beat. I’m going to have to do a little research on this cat. Download the mixtape here (I haven’t listened to it yet, but based on this single, I’m going to have to.

This late night studio collaboration between Thaione Davis and THE GEAUX started as an interlude but has promising potential to lead to a full project. Hopefully we will be seeing more with them working together in the future…you be the judge. Directed by TNA.

Thaione DavisEverybody Got A Say So…
produced by Thaione Davis
taken from the upcoming album: GOODENOUGH.

This one is crafted for the poppers and lockers…the movers and the shakers…a sound clash for the neo b-boy. Thaione Davis, who began his hip hop journey as a breaker, takes us on a spacey yet bass heavy soundscape that’s sure to get bodies moving. “Everybody Got A Say So” is loose lyricism to the effect that everybody creates their own reality…don’t be concerned about what people think about you…fuck the critics. Just do you… (press)

It’s good to hear Thaione Davis busy on the music making scene again. Eric and I both were fans of his Still Hear album from last year (admittedly Eric more than myself). Both of these tracks show some good promise for the next project.

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