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Milk D – Never Dated

by BC on March 16, 2010

Never Dated (1994)

This album, or EP I guess, from Milk D (dropping the D here) snuck up on me. I didn’t hear anything about it before it came out and I can’t remember exactly how I did hear about it. It was either The Source (back in the good ol’ days), Yo! MTV Raps or I just saw it in a local record store. Actually, now that I think about it, I think it was in print or on TV, because I remember only being able to find the tape and I couldn’t find the CD anywhere.

So, I rocked the tape for a few years until my buddy Drew hooked me up with the CD. For some reason, some CD’s had a couple extra tracks, which I’m assuming is similar to the vinyl version, which I picked up a year or two when Sandbox started selling off vinyl on ebay. The vinyl has 2 extra tracks, “Smoke Up My Ass” and “Get Off My Log (the jazzyfatwoody remix)”. Unfortunately, I don’t have a hook up to burn vinyl to mp3, so I can’t upload those 2 tracks.

Regardless, this release snuck up on me and was a real pleasant surprise. The production, arrangement, engineering and mixing was primarily handled by Milk D himself. Rick Rubin is listed as an exec producer with Nat Robinson, which I think is his father, or Gizmo. I know that Giz and Milk had some sort of falling out, but I never really heard why, so I’m thinking it isn’t Giz. Either way, Never Dated is a real solid release and featured an amazing collaboration with Ad Rock on “Spam”.

1) Intro – Just a quick little intro to let you know Milk is back.

2) Get Off My Log (feat. Big V) – Booyah!!! This was the first track I heard from this EP and one of the best. I love the beat on this track and as usual, the more scratching on a song, the better for me.

3) Laid & Paid II – Another scratch heavy track with a nice beat. You can kind of figure out the subject matter based on the title of this song.

4) Spam (feat. The King Ad Rock) – Two of the best high pitched emcee’s ever on the same track. The beat is bangin’ and Adrock and Milk kick some braggadocio-type rhymes backed by Mike D on drums. This is a must-have track for even casual Milk D and Beastie fans.

5) Rude & Cocky – Bragging and boasting and doing it well. This song is solid.

6) Go 2 Hell! – So, you don’t like Milk D, huh? Well, kindly go to hell. The beat here is a little more simplistic than the rest of the album, but it’s a nice track and the chorus is fun to listen to when you’re in one of those “go to hell” kind of moods. Oh, and Atlantic sucks (go to hell)!

7) Ask Me How Thick – Just another solid track on this (too) short release. “Smoke Up My Ass” is hidden in this track and Milk calls out fake gangster rappers, of which there was an abundance of in the 90′s, and now for that matter.

Big up to Trav for getting me into an Audio Two/Milk D mood!

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