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Jus' In Case You Missed It..

by Eric C. on March 22, 2010

For those of you whom may have slept, Producer-Extraordinare, 14KT of the Athletic Mic League/Lab Techs has had his Podcast (KaratGoldRadio) up and running for about 2 years or so now.  My Itunes automatically downloads the newest additions to his podcast, and yesterday evening I was pleasantly surprised to find his newest Megamix, Magestik Legend’s (Binary Star) “To Be Continued…Chapter 1″ which is hosted by T3 of Slum Village.  I gotta’ tell ya’, bumped this podcast this AM while gettin’ ready for work and I almost forgot just how nice Magestik Legend is, and I’m sure you’ve done the same once or twice being that most of the Binary Star shine is reserved for Magestik’s “P.N.C.”, One Be Lo.  However, don’t waste another minute, you can DL the podcast (as well as the remainder of KT’s prior ‘casts) HERE, or you can feed your Ipod HERE via Itunes.

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