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Juslisten © Musiq Soulchild

by Staff on March 22, 2010

Here are a few tracks by up and coming artists worth checking out that I’ve come across recently. Lend me an ear! © The D.O.C

Cyrus DeShield is a former member of the group Metro that was signed to Interscope. As luck would have it we lived in the same building in the South End, Boston. I did this week long retrospective on Boston Hip Hop/R&B and the final story I posted up was one I wasn’t too clear on all the specifics of so I asked that if anyone knew the members or could fill in any blanks for me to do so.

My boy Greg Valentino Ball informed me that Cyrus was on Twitter so I followed him. Shortly afterwards he informed me that not only was most of the “info” I had erroneous but some of the incidents involved other groups that were on Interscope at the time. He told me that we should talk on the phone to clear up any confusion and so he could tell me what really happened during the time he was signed. I owed it to him and I agreed. What I heard was one of the illest stories of grinding and persevering through adversity and a bad label situation in years.

I apologized to Cyrus because while we bloggers and journalists write about artists’ lives they LIVE them but he said it was all good and I needed to hear what he was doing right now. After hearing his music I was kinda glad I fucked up because we were able to get in contact and now I have the opportunity to put the bloggerverse onto his ridiculous current work. He’s currently working with “Producers You Need To Hear Right Now” alum J. Cardim and has many other projects in line for the near future. You can check out his tracks here or here and you best believe that you’ll be hearing more from him in the future.

JC Poppe is one of the new wave of artists in Milwaukee that are letting the world know that A-G-2-A-Ke, Coo Coo Cal and Rusty Pelicans (P’s) are the past while Dylan Thomas, Haz Solo, Speak Easy, Raze, Signif and himself are the present as well as the future. His name first caught my attention last year, I heard his album “Sleep Therapy” and was impressed with his flow and subject matter. His efforts to put on other MKE emcees and groups was also prevalent via his recent Milwaukee Hip Hop compilation “Yo! MKE Raps” with his Grown Man Collective crew and the popular website Hip HopDX.

He signed with  Kevin Nottingham’s HiPNOTT Records but that deal has since soured (cuz Kevin’s a bitch) and JC Poppe’s upcoming album is still being worked on as I type this. Apparently the “heads” at HiPNOTT weren’t too excited about the direction of the upcoming album. Here’s a track from it called “Dribble” (produced by none other than 88-Keys). After hearing that  jawn WHAT the Hell could the problem possibly be? In any event, if you’re at a label please holler @ the kid because this new project should have a home (cuz Kevin Nottingham’s a bitch as I’ve previously stated).

Andreya Triana is a gift from God…I mean a vocalist from the UK that has previously sung on tracks from my favorite producers in the beat scene over the past few years like Flying Lotus, Bonobo, Mr. Scruff and Kid Kanevil amongst many others. Last winter, her signing to Ninja Tune was announced and this song “Lost Where I Belong” was offered as a promotional download. GODDAMN, I say GODDAMN! © Mia Wallace

I recently reviewed Bonobo’s new album “Black Sands” (drops March 30th on Ninja Tune) and guess who’s featured on three tracks? Ms. Andreya Triana herself. The lead single “Eyesdown” even has a new video. I gave Bonobo’s upcoming LP a mos def and Andreya Triana’s new album has become one of my most anticipated projects of 2010 as well. Look for her debut album “Lost Where I Belong” to drop this August on Ninja Tune. Check out her music here or here


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