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Mixtape / Video: Chosen Few – Sounds From The Fewture / "Believers"

by Eric C. on March 26, 2010

In preparation for the release of their upcoming album, New World Symphony, Chosen Few is proud to announce the release of their newest project, Sounds From The Fewture. Part of the legendary Hiero family, Chosen Few seeks to enlighten and inspire with their vibrant style and underlying message – you have the power to choose what music you listen to.

Although structured as a mixtape, the release, mixed by DJ Icewater of The Pharcyde, functions as a compilation and as Unjust explains, “It serves as a history lesson in an effort to familiarize hip-hop fans with who Chosen Few is, where they have been and what they have done, and get people ready for the upcoming album.” Sounds From The Fewture is not a grouping of freestyles over beats from previously released songs, but instead features completed tracks that were previously unreleased, released on other albums or put together specifically for this project. The compilation also features a wealth of guest appearances and productions, all chosen for their dynamic talents, including Pep Love, Jern Eye, Khai Sharref, Donte of MOOD, Hi-Tek, DJ Dez, J-Rawls, and more.

The Video:

In conjunction with the release of Sounds From The Fewture, Chosen Few is excited to release their latest video, “Believers”, featuring fellow Ohio transplants Midwest Coast, who sing the hook. Directed and produced by Unjust with digital photography by Gabe Miller, “Believers” was shot in the group’s stomping grounds of Dayton, OH and Oakland, CA. The video communicates Chosen Few’s mantra with chorus, “If you ain’t havin it then cool, me neither. Let’s get together make the whole world believers,” encouraging fans to join the revolution. Neon purples, greens and blues strike a contrast in the black and white video and help to signify a new beginning and illustrate the power of choice. Take in the sights and sounds of Chosen Few – they are sure to make ‘Believers’ out of you.

“Sounds From The Fewture” Mixtape, get it HERE

and, peep the video:

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charles cooper April 4, 2010 at 2:11 pm

Thank you for the blog! Thank you for keeping the movement of real hiphop alive!

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