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WYDU Pick of the Day….Front Porch Poets – For The Record

by Travis on March 29, 2010

Front Porch Poets – For the Record

Dave Redi and Mr. Ramble have teamed up as the Front Porch Poets (FPP) to produce their first debut album “For The Record”. Inspired by late 90′s hip hop with a touch of soul, it’s a refreshing album with the sounds of what hip hop is, used to be and always will be, it is an album that illustrates their vision of music, daily routines and just having fun with it. No clichés, no gimmicks, just pure music from the soul. Due for release in the spring of 2010, For The Record is definitely a sure shot for the ears.

1. Intro 01:52
2. Back to Work ft. Cedric Salah 02:58
3. Blood, Sweat and Tears 02:41
4. Wondering 03:41
5. Soul Suvivor 02:59
6. Rhyme Artist 02:44
7. JanU ft. 7even:Thirty & MO 03:20
8. Had To Leave 03:32
9. Ease Off 03:06
10.Trunk Music 03:28
11.For The Love Of It 02:47
12.Outro 01:03

The free debut album from The Front Porch Poets has steadily gotten a lot of play these past few weeks. I won’t say this album is amazing or genre changing, it’s not. What it is though is solid, soulful, enjoyable hip hop. Tracks like “Blood, Sweat & Tears”, “Soul Survivor”, and “For the Love of It” are perfect examples of what to expect from For The Record. This album is steadily heading up my favorite albums of 2010 list. - Trav

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