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The WYDU Affliation Day…

by Travis on April 2, 2010

It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do! Well, I wish it was like that today, unfortunately I have to work today. So be it, that’s my favorite saying, well that and “Oh f*ckin’ well”, but that never goes over well in saved quotes on sites like facebook and all that B.S. Oh f*ckin’ well…..

Anyway, here at WYDU, we have been blessed to have met and affiliated ourselves with some great people and some great artists. If you visit here enough, you know who I support with my full name behind. I do it because I believe in their music and want to get it out there to as many as people. I want you all to think like me, because naturally I have impeccable taste in music. Alright, so maybe I don’t want you all to think like me, godforbid that would happen, but still I believe enough in the cats I push.

And today, we happen to have three of my self appointed WYDU affiliates with new projects/singles/ and/or videos…so let’s jump into it.

Has-Lo – Breezin b/w Present Is A Gift

WYDU resident hip hop artist/writer Has-Lo drops a new single with DeeJay Tone, whom you might remember as producing “Commentary Pt.1″ on Has’ Small Metal Objects EP from 2008. I’ve always thought these two made a good pairing, and they don’t fail to impress on this latest single. Has comes with a more upbeat style, something I’ve always encouraged to do more of. The first track, “Breezin’,” utilizes a nice George Benson sample (and borrows heavily on the album cover as well). It’s a great spring time track to get those juices flowing and feel the warm spring breeze on ones face. The b-side kicks loose with “Present Is A Gift,” in which Has drops some more merry lyrics for those spring time convertible rides.

Poorly Drawn People frontman Reason and producer Falside set their sights on the shaky foundations that serve as the basis for most post-MySpace-age rap collaborations on “I Don’t Want to Build”, the second single from Reason’s sophomore LP, Landlords & Lullabies (out April 6 on Poorly Drawn Recordings).

Reas serves notice to inflated-ego ‘netcees with his precisely executed rants: “These suckers get exposed, oh what? you been genre-hopping? well you ain’t Tarantino – every month your album’s droppin… if it wasn’t for the Internet, your ass wouldn’t exist.” In the background, sidekick Dirty Hank scatters his manic vocal accents over Falside’s bouncing hypnotics, which act as a perfect complement to the message of the track.

Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD of “I Don’t Want To Build”:

Reason’s Landlords & Lullabies is available April 6, 2010. Click here for a special pre-order package including the CD and a grip of free bonus items.

For more info on Reason, Falside, and Poorly Drawn People, visit or on Facebook here.

Lady Daisey – Magical (OG Album Version)


Then of course, no WYDU affiliation post would be complete without one of the Smile Rays members making an appearance. Lady Daisey, one third of the Smile Rays, has one of my most anticipated non hip hop albums on my radar with In My Pocket. The album will be droppin this coming May on BBE Records. And of course she has one the most slept on hip hop producers the world has ever known in Batsauce (Surreal, Mr.Lif) doing the beats for her as well. The funk/soul singer is preparing to release her first solo album and is getting set to release the digital single, “Magical”. The song is a powerful and, well, magical ode to life itself. This week, the original album version has been released. In coming weeks, we’ll see remixes by Paten Locke, DJ Vadim, Supa Dave West (of De La Soul fame), and another by Batsauce. We’ll be getting first glimpse at a series of videos that will be dropping weekly until the album drops in seven weeks from now. See them here first…..

Lady Daisey has rocked venues around the globe – from small smokey clubs to massive hip hop festivals – her message is one of love and inspiration, soulfully presented over head noddin’ Batsauce beats. Singing since she was 5, Lady Daisey has developed a playful powerhouse style that’s sure to grab the attention and steal the hearts of everyone within ear’s reach. It’s like sunshine for your soul… This is Daisey & Batsauce’s first BBE release and features many special mixes including tracks DJ Vadim & Lil’ Ste and Supa Dave West.

Lady Daisey - Magical

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Lady Daisey April 2, 2010 at 8:05 pm

proud to be affiliated with ya Brother Travis!!

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