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The I(Phone/Pod), The Month That Was (March)

by Eric C. on April 4, 2010

Just some of the more potent albums that remained in rotation throughout one of the best months of the year on the Ipod & Iphone:

“Almost There EP”-St. Joe Louis

Impressive FREE ep, includes the “Stakes Is High” reworking “30,000 FT” f. Chordz Cordero. Get It HERE.


One half of tha Connection delivered this solo LP outta’ nowhere.  This album features maaad jazzy production and smooth vocals from the ever improving Hus.  Click HERE for more details.

“Android Love Mayhem” EP-Jneiro Jarel

“Android Romance 1 & 2″ are nearly worth the price of admission alone. Cop the EP when it drops on April 13th via Label Who.

“Black Sands”-Bonobo

Propers to Dart for puttin’ me on to this one, click HERE for his take on the LP. “Kong” stays in HEAVY rotation. Get It? Got It? Good..

“Bornday” EP-Vitamin D

Still trippin’ off of Vitamin D’s spot on Jake One’s “Home” from 2008. If you’ve been sleepin’ get the EP HERE. “Burfdayz was the worst dayz…”

“Breathing Room”-Akello & Coicindence

Prince Paulish’, quirky production fuels “Breathing Room”. Pick this one up on the duo’s Bandcamp page.

“20 Winks”/”Cosmic Lab”-Bug

Get this 2-track gem, for lovers of the “Flying Lotus” style of production HERE.

“Cosmogramma”-Flying Lotus

Very interesting to hear just how much Lotus’ production style has evolved over the years. Not quite as solid as “Los Angeles”, “Cosmogramma” will still give your sound system a work-over. Pre-order the album HERE.

“CTRL ALT DELETE”-Free The Robots

Did I mention that “Cosmogramma” would give your speakers a work-out? Yeah, um, multiply that by 10 and and you have “CTRL ALT DELETE”. Get it HERE.

“Damn U” mixed by DJ Rhettmatic-14KT

I’d thought I’d heard it all when it came to KT, yet “Leave Me Alone” seemingly passed me by. Check it out and DL the free MP3 mix HERE.

“New Amerykah Part Two”-Erykah Badu

I gotta’ keep it real, never been the biggest Badu fan (with the exception of her debut LP), but this shit right here? Damn..just…damn..

“The Hybrid”-Danny Brown

Part 1 of the March onslaught from one of the D’s most underrated…get it HERE.

“Detroit State Of Mind4″-Danny Brown

….and this would be Part Deuce. Get it HERE.

“Def Vibrations”-Annu

Even more electro/Hip-Hop/Funk for datazz. Cop the EP via Annu’s Bandcamp page, and while you’re there DL his free “Dream Runner” EP.

The eXXecution”-Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx

This LP, along with Roc Marciano’s “Marcberg” were music to the ears of any real, underground, die-hard East Coast Hip Hop head and are sure to remain in rotation for those warm Summer months that are right around the corner.

“Marcberg”-Roc Marciano

Hard to find much fault in “Marcberg”, couple this LP with The Left’s “Gas Mask” and you have two bonafide classics that will drop in 2010, book it!

“Gas Mask”-The Left

I keep gettin’ e-mails stating: “Damn yo, when and where can I cop that “Gas Mask” LP? Well, there’s good news and bad news, here’s the “good”: Apollo Brown’s “Reset LP” is right around the corner (along with a collaborative effort with Rawkus 50 alum Hassaan Mackey), but you’ll have to wait until the fall of 2010 for “Gas Mask” to drop, as Apollo stated via text message to me just a week or so ago.  Damn, this one is gonna’ tear the roof off of underground Hip Hop as we know it.

“From The Westside, With Love”-Dom Kennedy

Been bumpin’ the bonus cut, “Me Again” like it’s goin’ outta’ style over the last few weeks. In case you missed it, DL the 16 track long play from one of the West’s upstarts HERE.

“Hell Or High Water” EP-Tame One

The more “spaced-out” the productions, the more at home one of Jersey’s finest sounds on the mic. Get this tripped out EP HERE (link via GrandGood). Acid tabs not included..

“How It Should Sound” EP-Damu The Fudgemunk

Damu and the cats from Redefinition Records are giving away a promo EP, so y’all can check out what to expect from this release. If you are familiar with Damu, you should already be familiar with his sound, but for those of you wanting to see what you’ll be getting, this is your chance……HIT IT.

“Oscillations Part I”-Juslikemusic & Applejuice Break

Wooo..the beats on this compilation LP are HEAVY. First things first, upon download, be sure to peep DZA’s “Shifty” immediately (see, I told you so!). Get the LP HERE (isn’t Bandcamp the beast thing since sliced bread?).


Yeah, um, no doubt one of the better beat CDs to drop last month. A nice mixture of big beat/electronica/ Hip Hop make “Klouds” definite “peepage”. You can check the promo/sampler for “Klouds” HERE.

“The Robert Glasper Beat Tape”-Dela

Big fan of Dela’s production, you can always count on his cat to come through with some heat. Download the EP HERE.

“Sounds From The Fewture” Mixtape-Chosen Few

Hiero-affiliates Chosen Few, laced this mixtape with pure heat. I was pleasantly surprised by the production on this jawn, definitely original, to say the least. Get it HERE.

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