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Has-Lo- "Breezin" b​/​w "Present Is A Gift"

by Eric C. on April 5, 2010

WYDU resident hip hop artist/writer Has-Lo drops a new single with DeeJay Tone, whom you might remember as producing “Commentary Pt.1″ on Has’ Small Metal Objects EP from 2008. I’ve always thought these two made a good pairing, and they don’t fail to impress on this latest single. Has comes with a more upbeat style, something I’ve always encouraged to do more of. The first track, “Breezin’,” utilizes a nice George Benson sample (and borrows heavily on the album cover as well). It’s a great spring time track to get those juices flowing and feel the warm spring breeze on ones face. The b-side kicks loose with “Present Is A Gift,” in which Has drops some more merry lyrics for those spring time convertible rides.

Get It HERE.

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