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Justified and T.O.N.E-Z/Style

by BC on April 6, 2010

Since I posted about Style (aka T.O.N.E-Z) recently, I thought I’d share this. I’ve been watching the new show, Justified, on FX with Timothy Olyphant and I finally remembered to search for the artist on the theme song, and it turns out it’s T.O.N.E-Z (formerly Style). You don’t see this much in hip-hop (let alone music in general), an artist that pops up 20 years after their first album, with basically no major releases since then, to get something on a major soundtrack (maybe not major). 20 years!!! I’m not saying this is going to be some huge hit, but I really dig that this dude paid some major dues and was able to get one of his songs as the theme to a largely hyped television show.

The reason I searched for the song is because the beat is ill. It’s a crazy country/bluegrass/hip-hop mix with Tone rapping about being on the run from the law. Check out the track, and it looks like there’s a link to a download on YouTube should you choose to do so.

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Larry Freeman June 10, 2010 at 6:31 pm

Yeah… and check out ‘Long Hard Times to Come’ (also from Justified) it’s better than ‘On the Run’, in my never-to-be-humble opinion!

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