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Moon Blazers "Let Yaself Go" EP

by Eric C. on April 6, 2010

“Moon Blazers straight fresh, grab the mic and its all finesse, effortless; so come peep the style. Say shit that’ll make you smile…” – Quoted from the intro to the “Let Yaself Go” EP. The Moon Blazers defy the gravitational pull of mediocrity as they connect with both the deeper and higher elements of life – penetrating the inner essence and ‘outer’ expression of existence. Their sound resonates with the soul and extends the mind to greater conceptual heights through uncommonly rearticulated forms of hip hop imagery. Produced by Dianetics except ‘Let Yaself Go’ by Chuchee. The EP “Let Yaself Go” is now available for free download.

1. The Boogie Intro
2. Sunshine
3. Fun (Recollection Pt. 2)
4. Let Yaself Go
5. Been Lonely
6. Unity

Free Download: Moon Blazers “Let Yaself Go” EP

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