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Video: Donwill – MYX TV DIG Feature

by Eric C. on April 6, 2010

Sitting down with a camera crew from MYX TV’s show DIG, Donwill discusses what the album means to him, and the inspiration that he derived from the film High Fidelity, based off of Nick Hornby’s novel. “The movie itself always inspired me, aside from the angle of love, but just the angle of music being such a formidable character in my life. I look at that movie as a framework to adapt my story to,” he tells the interviewer, explaining the impact that this comedy/drama/romance flick starring John Cusack has had not only on his music, but on his life. The feature intersperses clips from the album’s corresponding music videos and clips of Donwill speaking directly to the camera, giving audiences an accurate impression of what they can expect from the album. This release, featuring Opio (Souls of Mischief),Tanya Morgan, Peter Hadar, and many more is available now via Interdependent Media.

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