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Graves-"Sytems Revolution" (EP Download)

by Eric C. on April 9, 2010

This cat’s definitely on some other ish, and you know what? I like it!!

Per Graves:

“I created this album with the intent of expanding my rep. I usually make beats from dusty record samples but in this case I wanted to create my own noises and fully license this project. It was somewhat of an experiment for me. In retrospect, I’ve learned a lot since the beginning of this EP and hope that you listen to these tracks with an open mind. My heart will always be in a dusty crate somewhere unknown to us. This is just me extending a hand to the masses and the video game generation… Look out for my upcoming (All Scratch) Turntablist/Instrumental EP project called “Vow Of Silence” coming soon as well as “My Open Wounds” which is a another EP focused more in my natural break back skull wrecker Hip Hop style. Both are set to be released soon.”


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