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New Joints From E The Real…..

by Travis on April 9, 2010

Today, we got new joints from WYDU favorite, E The Real. Dude is gearing up for an album, The Wall Street Project, set to drop in the next few months. I’ve heralded E as one of those straight up, go for the throat, type of emcee. These tracks are no different. First is a remix of one of my favorite songs from E, “Keys of Success” by DJ Ross Rosco. The second is a Dilla flip…but wait, before you say “It’s been done before”, just hear E rhyme over the Dilla beat that he did for Men In Hats, that cheesy 80′s music that I still cringe at when I hear. But this one works…..Check for yourselves


DJ Ross Rosco blessed us with a new remix for E The Real’s song “Key To Success”. Ross mixed in the classic “Livin Proof” instrumental while E does what he does. If you missed the original version produced by Paul Mighty you can check that below too.

Key to Success (Rosco Livin Proof Remix) by DJROSSROSCO

Key to Success (Prod. Paul Mighty) by E THE REAL

Stones Throw recently leaked a new song off a new J Dilla project where Dilla flips a beat from the 80’s dance hit “Safety Dance” from the group “Men Without Hats”. Leave it to Dilla to sample a song that some people would consider cheesy or a guilty pleasure and turn it into a track that Hip Hop heads drool over. E The Real is no exception. E decided to create his own “Safety Dance Remix” thanks to J Dilla’s amazing beat which he called “Men With Hats”. Dilla has a unique influence on the game that most producers will never achieve. E isn’t known to use “industry beats”, but on this occasion Dilla had E hooked and he couldn’t get the tune out of his head. Now he made his own version that will stick in your head. Kinda Dusty would like to apologize in advance. Enjoy!


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Anonymous April 12, 2010 at 12:41 am

'Key to Success' Rocsco Remix doesn't remix 'Livin Proof'. It uses the instrumental from Group Homes 'Supa Star'. ;)

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