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Detonator Records Vol. 1

by BC on April 13, 2010

Detonator Records, Vol. 1 (2001) Featuring Akrobatik, Breez Evahflowin’, C-Rayz Walz and Chan w/ Special Appearances By Afu Ra and Reks

This compilation came out in 2001 as I was just becoming familiar with some of the artists featured. It was the first time I heard C-Rayz Walz and I remember not really digging him at first, but he grew on me quite a bit. All the emcee’s featured here are great and the album is solid. Fakts One handles about half the production on the album

As far as the label is concerned, I don’t think they lasted too long after this release. There were a few singles and I think Akro released an LP or an EP on the label, but I can’t find a whole lot of information, as their website is no more. Regardless, this LP is well worth the listen.

1. Breez Evahflowin’ – ‘Hok2′
2. Akrobatik – ‘News Flash’
3. Chan feat. Reks – ‘Big In Japan’
4. C-Rayz Walz – ‘Not For Nothin’
5. Akrobatik – ‘Too Chill’
6. Akrobatik and Breez Evahflowin’ – ‘Grown Men’
7. Breez Evahflowin’ – ‘I Love Hip Hop’
8. Akrobatik – ‘The Flow (Remix)’
9. Akrobatik, Breez Evahflowin’, Chan, C-Rayz Walz – ‘Explosion!’
10. Akrobatik – ‘No Losses’
11. Chan – ‘Combat Zone’
12. C-Rayz Walz – ‘Whodaf*ckareyou’
13. Akrobatik feat. Afu-Ra & Breez Evahflowin’ – ‘Ruff Enuff (Remix)’
14. Chan – ‘Politickin’ w/ Chan’
15. Akrobatik – ‘Basementality’
16. C-Rayz Walz – ‘Degrees’
17. Breez Evahflowin’ – ‘After All’

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