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Every So Often Ya' Hear: "Impressions" Alex B

by Eric C. on April 16, 2010

“Impressions”-Alex B (Click To Listen)

My usual evening routine (once the girls are to bed, and the Wife is studying) is comprised of posting some of the more intriguing e-mails we receive from from various labels, A&Rs, etc. (read: the type of music that coincides with the general feel of Bloggerhouse), uploading new music to the Iphone/Ipod and a few games of NBA2K10 (gamertag: Foyesdaman, get at me).  Usually, this is the time of the day when I get to check out what’s brewing in the underground and generally one of my favorite times to take in new music.

Upon hearing Alex B’s first single from his new album “Moments”, “You And I Both Know” I was instantly amazed (also, be on the lookout for the track on the new Bloggerhouse “Best Of March” mixtape coming your way later this week), enough to purchase B’s album directly from Itunes without sampling the remainder of the album.  So, along with my season with the Portland Trailblazers (Brandon Roy happens to be my favorite player in the league, plus they have Villanova’s Dante Cunningham) I’m cruising along, thoroughly enjoying what I’d heard thus far from “Moments’ and then I stumble upon “Impressions”.  Thirty plays later, we’re arrived at this post.

Make no bones about it, “Impressions” will go down as my “beat of the year” for 2010.  If you can recall in 2007 it was Blue Scholars “Loyalty”, 2008 Alchemist’s hand in the production of Evidence’s “The Far Left” and last year it was Flying Lotus and his work for Finale’s “Paid Homage”.  Those aforementioned tracks just don’t seem to age, no  matter how many times you bump them in succession.  “Impressions” is in that same category, give it a listen, I assure you you’ll be just as in awe as I was.

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