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Landspeed Records Sampler (2001)

by BC on April 20, 2010

I received this sampler back in 2001 with an order from Sandbox Automatic ( It’s 36 songs from indie artists and it helped hip me to some people like Edan, Grand Agent, Jigmastas, Dynas and many others. I kept this as my default album in my car for a good 4 years and I’m thinking about throwing it back in there.

There’s a lot of good stuff on here. I’m fairly certain that most of it was released as singles and some of it ended up on the artist’s LPs, but there’s some real good stuff from dudes that I never really heard of again. Some of the artists that I haven’t seen from again, but had some dope tracks on here, are Scum, Mission Control, Headkrack and Da Wastelandz. There’s also a dope track with Truth Enola and Jean Grae, Ill Love Pt. 2, which I don’t think was on Enola’s LP, but may have been released as a single.

Landspeed Records handled distribution for a lot of labels. I suspect that they no longer exist and, of course, I couldn’t find anything on the internet about the company. Anyway, this sampler was (is) dope and worth checking out.

Disc 1 –

1 – Grand Agent – Every 5 Minutes
2 – Scum – Takin’ No Shorts
3 – Bumpy Knuckles – ChanceSellor
4 – Mission Control – Wanna Battle
5 – Jigmastas – Till the Day
6 – Guru & Masta Ace – Conflict
7 – Necro – I Need Drugs
8 – Punch & Words – Mistress
9 – Five Deez – Dope
10 - MF Grimm – The Original Remix
11 – Royal Flush – I Gotta Have It
12 – Porn Theatre Ushers feat. Cage – Balloon Knots
13 – Cash Brown feat. Royce Da 5’9″
14 – Jedi Mind Tricks – Retaliation Remix
15 – Planet Asia – Holdin’ the Crown
16 – Mendoughza feat. Guru – Club Banga
17 – Headkrack – Clear (As Live As It Gets)
18 – Truth Enola – Ill Love Pt. 2

Disc 2 –

1 – Self Scientific feat. Planet Asia and Krondon – 3 Kings
2 – Cocoa Brovas – Super Brooklyn
3 – Dynas – My Biz
4 – Reks – Skills 101
5 – 7L & Esoteric = Mic Mastery
6 – Jane Doe feat. Cocoa Brovas – Clear Da Route
7 – Promoe – Chosen Few
8 – Lucky Dice – Imagine That
9 – Phife Dawg – Miscellaneous Remix
10 – Da Wastelanz – Find Out
11 – Edan – You Suck
12 – J-Rawls – Check the Clock
13 – Talib Kweli & Planet Asia – Don’t Let Up
14 – Skitzofreniks feat. Reks and Mic Stylz – C’Mon Dude?!?
15 – FT – Stand Up
16 – Bravo & Sandman feat. Rasco – Aged & Laced
17 – Kreators feat. Guru, Edo G., Big Shug and Akrobatik – Home
18 – Declaime – Move It

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Daniel Beaulieu April 30, 2010 at 10:02 pm


What’s up, it’s Dan from Dekagon Records (Archetype).

Well I worked for Landspeed Records in 2002 and by early 2003, it became Traffic Entertainment (which is still is).

Landspeed was a big distributor for indie hip hop in the beginning of the decade and was home to many different labels including Brick Records, Eastern Conference (after Rawkus), Groove Attack, and many others. They released some big indie rap records in that time including the first two Cormegas,Bumpy Knuckles Industry Shakedown, and the first 50 Cent mixtape Guess Who’s Back. Their last two releases were Big Noyd’s Only The Strong and dead prez’s turn off the radio 2 (like I said I was there at the end).

They really had some dope hip hop and being more or less the only non-ny outlet (although they had NY offices for the label, the Boston place was for the distro) such as Edan, 7L & Eso, and a few others. The bottom line was that the dude who owned the company, Bob Perry, was a crook. He didn’t pay anyone. He started not paying artists, it then trickled down to other labels/distributors, and eventually reached us (the employees). Traffic was actually formed by people that work for LSR but didn’t agree with the business practices, so they branched off and did their own thing, but Bob Perry got rich. The company eventually went bankrupt, but by that time dude was already caked up. I saw alot of artists and labels get fucked over there. So while the catalog may look nice, Land Speed’s legacy is certainly tainted.

BC May 4, 2010 at 1:04 pm

Hey Dan – I really appreciate the time you took to give us an update. Sounds like another unfortunate story of music industry shadyness. I always hate to hear stories of artists and employees getting ripped off.

crusher creel June 9, 2010 at 11:20 pm

can you re-up the first disc? I’ve been looking for a cdq version of Bumpy Knuckles ChanceSellor forever. Thanks!

BC June 17, 2010 at 8:37 pm
seanp July 29, 2010 at 1:47 pm

Word up! Thanks for the post. Landspeed records reminds me of skipping class and heading to the record store to by a 12 inch with a sock full of change.

Could you re-up the first disc again…maybe on megaupload so it doesn’t expire.

Thanks so much!!!

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