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Jawnzap7-"Conundrums​/​LillyPad" maxi​-​single (Download)

by Eric C. on April 23, 2010

The lead double single from jawnzap7 for his upcoming new album “I hate my stupid rap life” features a dynamic coupling of songs, giving a glimpse into the scope and depth of his upcoming project.

The A-side of this digital single is “Conundrums”. A gritty east coast banger, pure to the roots of hip-hop. In the vein of Dj Premier and Pete Rock, Zap takes Van Morrision’s “moondance”, and flips it into a funk beat worthy of any lyricist. With Green Collar Raps, Nex Millen on the cuts, and Zaps voracious flow (peep the lyrics) this track is sure to satisfy purists and the casual listener alike…but if not..that’s OhhhhKay!!!!! ;)

The B-side of this digital single is “LillyPad” A moving story about a young girl, and the effects of gun violence on her and her family. Produced by Klassick, and featuring the vocal talents of Miss Amy (who you can check out on 5 O’Clock ShadowBoxers new album “Broken Clocks”, teaming up with Zap on the hook for “Dead Queens 2″), this song is a statement of Zap’s dedication to the art of song writing…..proving he is not just a “rapper’.


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