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Yawma – Make Money Sharing Indie Music

by BC on April 25, 2010

I posted about this company a few weeks back and wanted to let people know that it is now live. Basically, Yawma is a Facebook application ( that allows musicians upload their music and users to share the music they download and make some money too.

If you’re an indie artist, you can upload your own music and encourage all your friends to buy your music and encourage their friends, who will encourage their friends, etc. You get the idea, your music has the potential to go straight viral, homey, and you might gain hundreds to thousands of new fans as your music spreads throughout Facebook. If you, as a user, share a song you purchased and downloaded with the friends in your Yawma (meaning the people you invited that accepted), and they purchase the song based on your recommendation, you will actually make money. The more people that purchase that song, the more money you can make.

I had the chance to test it out this weekend, and it’s pretty slick. I downloaded the application on Facebook and searched around. There’s a good number of artists on the site, but I would suspect that they’ll have even more in the coming weeks as this thing spreads. The bigger it gets, the more choices you’ll have. You can easily sample songs from the play function, which will give you a 45 second preview of the song. My understanding is that the artist’s themselves set the prices, but I’m not positive on that yet.

It’s also easy to purchase music. I just clicked on buy and purchased a track. Currently, Yawma has payment set-up through Amazon Wallet (Paypal is on the way), which was easy for someone like myself, who already has an Amazon account. Otherwise, you have to sign up, but it isn’t that hard if you’ve ever been on the internet before. Once you’ve downloaded the application, you can invite your friends and make some money when they purchase songs you’ve purchased. Right now, you can only invite 20 friends per day.

There’s huge potential here and that’s why I’m sharing this (aka, I don’t own this company, or own any piece whatsoever). People like to make money and find brand new artists, and musicians want to get there music out there, so I can see this thing blowing up. So, take a look at the site and get in at the begining of a possible music revolution. (Note: If you are an artist, PUT YOUR NAME AND THE SONG TITLE IN YOUR UPLOADS. You’ll want the people to know who you are when they download your music.)


If you are an artist or rep, you can send an e-mail to the address below to ask an questions that you might have.

All inquiries from artists, bands and their representatives:

Other contact info can be found here:


Join our Movement

YAWMA is a movement, a community of people brought together by a passion for exciting downloads from independent artists, musicians and developers, and who by sharing that passion through an innovative discovery service, seek to create a unique and compelling new marketplace in support of Indies and their fans.

Discover Share Profit

YAWMA is also a new business idea where users can create with their friends their own personalized social discovery networks (YAWMAs) and earn Cash Rewards with each download purchase.

How Does it Work?

You create a YAWMA by inviting your Facebook Friends to join you. They invite their Friends and before you know it you have created your own social discovery and sharing network for the latest music, games and apps. And, when downloads are purchased within your YAWMA, you profit up to 8%.

For example, if you add 25 Friends, who in turn do the same, and then each of those Friends of Friends add 25 Friends, you suddenly have a YAWMA of 16,275 members. If each Member of your YAWMA spent $10 on downloads in a given month, that would mean you would earn over $11,000 in YAWMA Cash Rewards! For just that month…. for spending only $10 yourself!


Joining YAWMA doesn’t cost you anything, and the power of what you can create is remarkably simple:

  1. Discover cool indie music, games and apps
  2. Share what you like with your YAWMA network of Friends
  3. And you Profit, and your friends profit too!

Be a Part of Something Big

But that’s not all. Being a member of YAWMA means you’re a part of a broader community that is interested in something other than the same thing, packaged the same way. We aspire to achieve great things for those who make sacrifices to create awesome works of art with their instruments, their computers, their cameras, their hearts, and their imagination…Indies.

So rather than giving your money to the big wigs of industry, support independent artists and support yourself! The real value of a social network is you. YAWMA recognizes and rewards this!

YAWMA-Profits to the People!

Opportunity to Sell Your YAWMA

In addition to offering the potential for earning Cash Rewards,YAWMA includes a marketplace where users can buy and sell their YAWMA networks. Just imagine a Facebook App that lets you become a true entrepreneur! Trump that Trump!

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