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Mixtape Round up

by OSnapple on April 26, 2010

Digable planets sounds from the 7th dimension cover mixtape

Digable Planets presents, Sounds from the 7th Dimension, a mix to promote Butterfly and Doodlebug’s upcoming tour with a live band, as well as their exciting collaborative and solo projects. That’s right, you can expect to see some very fresh new albums coming soon from both Doodle and Butterfly in the very near future! For now, check out the mix and share some thoughts below…
Download link : Digable planets sounds from the 7th dimension

Kemizt The Vigil

The 20 year old emcee, Kemizt, displays lyrical prowess and unmeasurable potential in every bar. Skillfully delivered lyrics are laid over compositions by great producers such as J Dilla & Nujabes (RIP), Kev Brown, Statik Selektah, Flying Lotus, etc. The most impressive matter is the wide range of creativity shown from song to song, each one vastly varying from the next. Concepts incorporate everything from relationships to personal struggles to the general consensus of the state of the game. Every track transcends into reality, bridging the gap between himself and the listener. Choosing a clear cut favorite on this mixtape is a very difficult feat in itself. This is a potential classic for any lover of Hip Hop.

Download Link Kemizt – The Vigil

Personally im not the biggest fan of hip hop from “The South” but at first listen to SinCiir i think he could have a decent future if he dosent fall into the “South” category.

KIDD HOP: “Rappers who create music without any substance while using nursery rhymes to target people that are 21 years old and younger”. This is a definition of what SinCiir, a new rapper from South Florida, feels to be an epidemic with in rap music. Jumping in the 2nd quarter of the music industry with a slash, SinCiir and NorStarr Entertainment are setting the pace for how Hip Hop mixtape’s from the new generation of rappers should sound.  2010 Rookie Of the Year : Exposing Kidd HopMixtape is not just a collage of songs over industry beats it’s lyrics, it has skits that take a Hip Hop fan back to the days of the mad rapper and Snoop Dogg to expose what “Kidd Hop”  is to this new generation of listeners, as well as strong instrumentals.  With the smooth delivery of a great MC and the boasting of an industry rap vet it’s easy to hear the “IT” factor when SinCiir records. The 27 tracks on this mixtape will keep you on your toes surprising listeners with every track. SinCiir definitely has a good reason to believe that he is Hip Hop’s 2010 rookie of the year.

Download Link:  2010 Rookie Of the Year : Exposing Kidd HopMixtape


On March 20, 2010, Mic Fiend Promotions and DJ Precise will be releasing the first installment of “The Tastemaker Series” that will feature four of the hottest independent artists from all over the country. The first installment will feature Rain from North Carolina, Thadd Williams from South Carolina, Rated R from New York and Wordsmith from Maryland. This series will include brand new music from these artists as well. So everyone will be witness to exclusive tracks from some of the hottest artists that are on the rise.

The definition of a tastemaker is a person or group that influences fashionable or popular taste. So this series will be here to influence people and make them pay attention to the independent artists across the country who are making great music and need to be recognized.

Download Link: Tastemaker Mixtape

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justafan May 9, 2010 at 11:03 pm

the comment about sinciir doesnt make any sense….he is from new jersey and he doesnt rao ANYTHING like a rapper from the south……..

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