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Monday Morning Eye Candy

by OSnapple on April 26, 2010

Here is some good tunes and good music to start off your Monday morning courtesy of Jern Eye

Happy Monday Folks

Hip Hop Music Videos

Detroit emcee Finale has drawn inspiration from another rust belt city for his newest video, “The Senator,” from his spring-released, highly acclaimed A Pipe Dream And A Promise. Both the song and video are based largely on David Simon and HBO’s Baltimore epic The Wire. The Senator in question is State Senator Clay Davis, not one of the show’s main characters but certainly one of its most fascinating and divisive. Davis is an exploitative figure that acts as an intermediary between drug dealers and real estate developers, pocketing cash from both sides all the while. Finale uses Davis as a means of getting the point of the song across: calling out liars who are fronting as something they aren’t. The song opens with the line “I heard a lot of y’all talkin’ / A lot of you not walkin’.” Finale even manages to make Davis’ trademark exclamation “sheeeeeiiiiittttt” a centerpiece of the song’s chorus. The video seamlessly blends Finale’s Detroit with The Wire’s Baltimore and employs key scenes and lines from the show to carry across Finale’s punchlines.

One last video from Ameer – Never Be Shits

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Toya Aquero April 26, 2010 at 10:59 am

Amazing Dude, this is really good info, much appreciated.

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