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MosDub – Maxx Tannone

by OSnapple on April 30, 2010

I was flipping through my facebook yesterday and a buddy of mine posted this album and it was surprisingly very good.  Personally i have a a great musical foundation in Reggae music  so i tend to be a pretty big fan of “SOME” dub mixes.

When i seen that this was Mos Dub, i figured i would give it a listen.  Max Tannone has done several other mixes that were also pretty good and definatly worth a listen scope them out below.

Mos Dub - Max Tannone

You can Download The MosDub Album HERE

Another one i found to be pretty good was the Radio Head Jay Z Mix

Max Tannone

You Can Download The Jaydiohead Album HERE

If i don’t post again today, have a great weekend!

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