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Interview with Doitall (Lords of the Underground)

by DJSoulClap on May 2, 2010

Doitall from the legandary Lords of the Underground is about to release his solo-debut called “American Du” in 2 days.  The album features DJ Kool, Masta Ace, Edo.G, Granddaddy I.U., Shaheim, Mr. Cheeks and many more. The Production is provided by Pete Rock, Focus, Scott Storch and others. Doitall is somebody who lives Hip Hop and celebrates the culture to the fullest. We had to sit down and do a little interview with him. I recommend y’all to buy the album, it’s dope Hip Hop music!

WYDU: When did you fall in love with hip hop?

Doitall: I fell in love with HipHop, When my uncle brought home a 12 inch of Sugar Hill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight with him from the Army. He moved in with me, My Mom & my Step dad at the time & you could always hear that playing loudly from his room.

WYDU: What did you do the last couple years? We didn’t hear a lot from you music wise.

Doitall: I have been still living the HipHop Culture. I am an executive with Michael Bivins(Founder of Boyz II Men, New Editon Fame, & BBD) company SportRich. I have been a working actor on Shows in America such as The Soprano’s, 30 Rock, Law & Order, as well as indepedant movies Durdy Game, Cash Rules, Somewhere in the City etc…. Music wise I started to let myself be heard again on the Nas Where are they now remix, Then on a couple of Mixtapes, on Pete Rock’s NY Finest Album, Then More mixtapes Like The Hunger In My Voice, & alot of guest features overseas, & Lastly on Masta Ace & Edo G’s A&E album.

WYDU: When did you start working on American DU?

Doitall:The funny thing is even though I was not being heard I had never stop recording in the studio. The studio is very Theraputic for me, But I would have to say I started working on AMERICAN DU in 2009.

WYDU: Did you know that “Du” is German for “You”?

Doitall: Yes I found this out by searching for the meaning of my real name which is Dupre’. I also know that Rammstein the German Rock Group has a song called Du Hast which I think means I Hate You. lol… (Edit by SoulClap: It actually means “you have”. Hate would be “Hasst”)

WYDU: What can we expect from the album?

Doitall: You can expect fun mature HipHop with subjects that have substance.

WYDU: How did you link up with Ace & Edo for the Arts & Entertainment album?

Doitall: I knew Masta Ace for years, & saw him at an event and exchanged numbers with him & we hung out a couple of times. I went by the studio while they were recording their album & the rest is history. Big Shouts to Ace & Ed O!

WYDU: What are you working on right now?

Doitall: I am currently producing independent movies & looking for new artist to give them the opportunity that was giving to me by Derek Jackson & Marley Marl. The first movie we are working on is called Dead Wrong directed by Rubin Whitmore II. Oh & I also just did a SkateBoard Deal with DGK Skateboards in the USA for my own Skateboard line, I am real excited about that.

WYDU: Can we expect something new from the Lordz?

Doitall: The LOTUG crew did an album with 9th wonder a lil over a year ago that we will be releasing very soon & we are leaving for our annual European tour on May 14th, 2010.

WYDU: What’s your favorite meal and who is cooking it?

Doitall: My favorite food is Shrimp, Crablegs, & Lobster with vegetables. I can cook it myself but it is always nice if there is a beautiful woman in the Kitchen with me.

WYDU: Any last words for the readers?

Doitall: I just want to say thank you to all of the people who has ever supported Lords Of The Underground & Myself. If you love Hip-Hop and you feel like you are mature enough to handled what I call ACHH (Adult Contemporary HipHop) then “AMerican Du” is most Definitely for you. Be sure to hit me up on, on, & on go online to & put Doitall in the search Engine if you would like to order it now. I guarantee you it is a Must have in HipHop!

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