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Bloggerhouse presents Scrunchface Sundays @ 7- 9 PM on Bobblegods (5.2.10 show playlist)

by Eric on May 3, 2010

I’d first like to thank all of the artists that allowed us to play their material on the air. St. MIC for his tireless work to get the sound right & actually air the show plus Eric for saying that this is something we definitely should be doing. It’s official now, the Sunday show will now be known as “Bloggerhouse presents Scrunchface Sundays” & it will air from 7-9 PM on playing mostly instrumentals or producer based music with vocals. Much of the material played will be exclusive that either myself, Eric or St. MIC have at our disposal.

Since I’ve been getting a gang of e-mails & DM’s on Twitter about what was played last night I decided to post most of the tracklist in order here (St. Mic played some tracks that I don’t remember what sequence they were played so those are missing) but here are the tracks that made it to air. Wait until next week. It’ll be even better!:

Bloggerhouse presents Scrunchface Sundays playlist for 5.2.2010  7-9 PM @ Bobblegods

Alex B “You & I Both Know” (Elm & Oak)

Chanes “Chromaticism” off “Experiments In Instrumentation” (Bandcamp)

Soulful! “Stays On My Mind” off “The Mellow Life” (Inner Loop/Bandcamp)

Jansport J “MoveMeants” off “Movemeants” (Bandcamp)

Knxwledge “Wait” off “Klouds” (All City)

Slopfunkdust & Illastrate “White Rhino” off “Beat Fanatic Vol. 1: Smoker’s Choice” (Beat Fanatic Music Group/iTunes)

Slopfunkdust & Rhettmatic  “L.A. Confidential” off “Beat Fanatic Vol. 1: Smoker’s Choice” (Beat Fanatic Music Group/iTunes)

Apollo Brown “Flashbulbs” off “Make Do” (iTunes/Amazon/eMusic)

DJ Babu “Ready” off “The Beat Tape Vol. 2″ (Nature Sounds)

Jordan Rockswell AKA Snowman Jack “3 Bricks Remix Instrumental” [EXCLUSIVE]

Objektiv One “Part 2, Phase 2: The Awakening” off “Zoltar Speaks” [EXCLUSIVE]

S-Type “League 9″ (Tartan Bullies/Beat Fanatic) [EXCLUSIVE]

Jaisu “Susan Boyle” (Tartan Bullies/Beat Fanatic) [EXCLUSIVE]

Buctayla of Hellsenda Productions “14 1/2″ (Hellfire Club Inc.) [EXCLUSIVE]

Pete Cannon “Worth It” (Producers I Know/Bandcamp) [EXCLUSIVE]

Houseshoes “Newports” off “L.A. Series 10x10x4″ (All City)

Jaisu “Dynasty” (Tartan Bullies/Beat Fanatic) [EXCLUSIVE]

S-Type “You Is Lame” (Tartan Bullies/Beat Fanatic) [EXCLUSIVE]

Buctayla of Hellsenda Productions “Gun Gun Gun” (Hellfire Club Inc.) [EXCLUSIVE]

Trumaine “Come Back” off “Beat Tape Vol. 1″ [EXCLUSIVE]

A.C. Layne/TE1 Productions “Coming Home To You!!!” [EXCLUSIVE]

Jaisu “Ghandi Masala” (Tartan Bullies/Beat Fanatic) [EXCLUSIVE]

Jordan Rockswell AKA Snowman Jack “Free2 AKA Headnod Sh*t” [EXCLUSIVE]

Aspect 1 “You Send Me” off “Vibe Over” (Bandcamp)

Dibiase “I Pity The Fool” off “L.A. Series #1 10x10x1″ (All City)

Dela “Jay Hova/Music” off “The Robert Glasper Beat Tape” (Rappers I Know/Beat Fanatic/Bandcamp)

Small Pro “The Sky Is Falling” off “Slowbus” (iTunes/Amazon)

Take “I Miss My Brains” off “L.A. Series #3 10x10x3″ (All City)

Illum Sphere “Chasing The Midnight Moth” off “Long Live The Plan” (Fat City)

Houseshoes “The Makings” off “Do Over 12″” (Stones Throw)

Producers, artists, management or labels can give me permission to play your material on the air @ or @message/DM me on Twitter @


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james May 3, 2010 at 8:22 pm

will there be a perma-link to each radio show incase we miss the live feed?

Dart May 3, 2010 at 11:22 pm

@james: We’ll try to have them for future shows…

james May 4, 2010 at 7:18 am

dope mate, cheers. if the track lists are anything like this every week, show will be epic!

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