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Local Music Award Shows

by OSnapple on May 7, 2010

Let me first start out by saying that we sincerely appreciate all of the readers and musicians who contribute to this site and its popularity on the internet. With that said, i want to take some time and talk about what local music award shows can do for not only the artists, but the listeners as well.

Over the last couple of years I have developed a deep appreciation for local talent. I have worked with several local artists in the Southern California area, and one thing i always suggest to them is to submit their music to the the Orange County Music Awards each year to increase peoples awareness of their music.

Im sure some of you out there are like fuck it, not worth the time, and in my opinion submitting your music and attending these events has nothing to do with getting an award. But more of what are other peoples opinion of the local music, which all has to do with the judging system.

The OC Music awards used to be judged by sending the submissions to multiple different people in the local industry (Venue owners, Talent Scouts, Music Journalists, etc…) and from that they would vote 1-10 on it after listening and send the results back. Well Musicians, this gives you a direct idea on how others in the media/industry view your music. Since those days the OC Music awards have switch to an Academy format similar to that of the Academy Awards you can check out whos on the Academy HERE

Another Awards show I tend to keep track of is the Absolute Best of Tulsa Awards or ABOT Awards, as the locals call it. I guess i started paying attention when i met a few really good artists from Tulsa and they told me about it. But i have to say im pretty pleased with the music that comes from there (not necessarily hip hop).

OC Music Awards ShowOnce again the ABOT Awards that are put on by Urban Tulsa Weekly is another wonderful platform that local artists can get their music out to a broader range of listeners.

Take a minute to think about it, if you become a nominee for a local award show, your name, website, bio, and other shit from your EPK will be on a website that probably gets a lot more traffic overall then what yours is seeing now.   Call me simplistic, but even if only one more person starts listening to your music because of it, its one more then you had the day before.

The Awards winners don’t always reflect what our personal choices would be, but it does give us a great deal of insight as to what other people see.

Does any other readers out there have local award shows that happen in their metro areas?  If you do let me know about them so i can take a peek and see what their all about.

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