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Richie Cunning’s Late Night Special

by OSnapple on May 8, 2010

Richie Cunning is an emerging artist with a refreshing sound and a rock hard grasp of what it takes to catch the listeners ear.  This mixtape is another step in his growing career.  URB Magazine has described him as having “surprising grit, undeniable swagger & perfectly ill flow”. His song The City (off the upcoming album, Night Train) has been played numerous times to hype the crowd at Oracle Arena during Golden State Warriors games. He was infamously banned from Canada in 2007 while en route to headline his first international show. More and more people are starting to take notice as Richie, “The Son of the City”, continues to spread his own special brand of rugged yet polished rap music. While we’ll leave the final decision up to you, if you choose to agree, we won’t be mad at you.

Download the Mixtape Here

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