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Sareem Poems – "Lower The Boom" Skadaddle Cartoon Mix

by OSnapple on May 8, 2010

The chameleon of hip-hop,Sareem Poems is back once again, with the release of the “Lower the Boom” Skadaddle Cartoon Mix featuring Pigeon John and Akil, from the newly released Black and Read All Over Deluxe Edition. The heavy bass beats, gospel fueled hook and unmistakable lyrical flow of the Long Beach native combine to serve a fresh new angle on the album’s centerpiece track. The main inspiration behind this track was, “to give the essence of hip-hop back to the listener, in an era of auto tune and overly synthesized beats.”

In an industry often stereotyped by guns and violence, Sareem Poem’s music is a breathe of fresh air as he goes against the grain, weaving rhymes of truth and soul. When asked why he decided to re-release the project, Michael Tolle ofMello Music Group explains, “The promotional remixes started coming back and garnered so much attention… that we felt we had to re-release the project with them included. We really wanted to make it worth people’ s while since the project had already dropped, so we (gave) people the whole package.” Check out the Black and Read All Over Deluxe Edition available everywhere via Mello Music Group.

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