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Mixtape Mondays – Week 19

by OSnapple on May 10, 2010

OK, so i haven’t been doing this for 19 weeks, it just makes for a better title, and not a duplicate.

got quite a few mix-tapes for today, several of which I was surprisingly quite pleased with. Enjoy!

Here is what Mike had to say:

It’s been almost 6 months since the release of my last project, Love Potion Number 9th: The Hangover and a year since my debut album, Sunday Drive with Phys Edison so, I wanted to bring a whole other aspect of my music out in 2010.  My first leak from my new project, Mike Murder is Mike Is Like.  Mike Is Like will be followed by two more leaks and the full mixtape.  Mike Murder is sponsored by some of the net’s most respected sites who I have managed to build relationships with since I began releasing music.  PMG Media is the other sponsor, who has helped me since I began releasing music from Sunday Drive.  Please listen, download and share Mike Is Like and stay tuned for the following two leaks and the full length mixtape, Mike Murder.  Pictures were taken by Dakota Blue Harper. Music was recorded, mixed and mastered by Classick for Classick Studio Download The Mix-tape Here

Here is a funny blurb from Matt Cali’s Website

My mother told me I was singing songs before I was teething/ Now she be telling me I need to go to AA meetings/ Pops said rap was a fad that shit won’t last/ Well kids lesson one don’t always listen to your dad/ Wifey getting on me too she say I spend too much loot/ But when it comes to buying boots she thinking money grows like fruit/ From the gap up in my tooths to the jumpman on my shoes/ Man I promise keep it honest and be the truth up in this booth…. -Matt Cali

Scope it out and download it-

Heres what Digital Vinyl had to say:

There are so many problems involved with being a new artist. Every rapper, singer, or any type of performer knows how it is to get up one day, and decide to take your gift to another level. There’s never a perfect start but you go to Guitar Center or wherever the local music store is and get the best you can buy for your money. Once your home, you crank up the the volume and use the mic to death. This is Digital Vinyl’s account of what went on from day 1 till now. All of the spent money, arguments, emotions, and Dilemmas. If your looking for raw hip hop, this is for you. If you want good lyrics and beats, this is for you. Support the come up of Digital Vinyl.


Swedish producer Severe Beats decided to pick some of this favorite records and remix them into new songs. The result is his new mixtape titled “I Killed The Remix” featuring remixes of artists like Jay-Z, Gucci ManeYoung Jeezy, Common,Kidz In The Hall amongst others. It’s not only a skillful blend of fresh remixes it also a display of the skillz Severe Beats has a producer and beatmaker.

Download the mixtape here - Severe Beats - I Killed The RemixCOP IT HERE

Severe Beats – I Killed The Remix Tracklist:

01. Methuzulah – Everything Good [Severe Beats Remix]
02. Jay Z – Song Cry [Severe Beats Remix]
03. Cassidy – B-Boy Stance [Severe Beats Remix]
04. Gucci Mane x Young Jeezy x Boo – I’m Icy [Severe Beats Remix]
05. Kidz In The Hall ft. Estelle – Love Hangover [Severe Beats Remix]
06. Beyonce - Beautiful Nightmare [Severe Beats Remix]
07. Gucci Mane x Young Jeezy – Round 1 [Severe Beats Remix]
08. Methuzulah – Holla [Severe Beats Remix]
09. Common x Pharrell – Gladiator [Severe Beats Remix]
10. Rob Grimes x Lyrical – All Around The World RMX [Severe Beats Remix]
11. Tanya Morgan – Never Enough [Severe Beats Remix]
12. AZ x Raekwon x Ghostface – New York [Severe Beats Remix]

Bad Things Come in 3′s (not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good): Episode 1 by Dopeshoes


Bag Lady (Cheeba Sac Radio Edit)
Love of My Life (Ode to Hip Hop)
Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long

Dom Kennedy.
Locals Only
Watermelon Sundae

Slum Village.
Get Dis Money
Tainted (feat. Dwele)
Forth & Back (Rock Music)


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