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“Don’t Touch My Drumset”-P.U.D.G.E.

by Eric on May 11, 2010

For all you beat fanatics out there, much like Dart & I, my man P.U.D.G.E. recently made available his new LP, “Don’t Touch My Drumset” via his BandCamp page. He’s had a release this year on the consistently dope All City label with the equally ridiculous Dibiase, (look out for “Smoke It Over” on this month’s Bloggerhouse mixtape) and has a forthcoming LP on Ramp Recordings as well, but this effort is filled to the rim with 18 bangers of pure headnodizm.

PS. Like it or not, with the implementation of the “futuristic sound” in Hip Hop, THIS along with the like of Leonard Dstroy, 14KT and the LabTechs, Illingsworth, etc., is what production is moving to (for a prime example of what I’m referring to, just peep our playlist for “Scrunchface Sundays” in the post below).  So get with it or get left behind…

Get It HERE for 5 bones..

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Hamza21 May 12, 2010 at 6:02 pm

with the implementation of the “futuristic sound” in Hip Hop,…..So get with it or get left behind…

hahaaha that is nothing wishful thinking we’ll see how long this trend will last. As someone who has 28 years experience in Hip Hop I suspect this won’t last long. Many trends have come and gone in Hip Hop -Disco of late 70′s,Big Beat in mid 80′s,Electrofunk in early 80′s,New Jack Swing of late 80′s,Dirty South and Crunk of the mid 90′s,Jazzy soul of late 90′s,Hyphy of 2000′s – and this too will fade away quick. It always returns to Boom bap.

No matter how “creative” different beatmakers try to get nothing can make your head nod and touch our soul like that Boom Bap sound of mid 90′s.

Face the facts people that sound (mostly) created by Prince Paul and perfected by the likes of Kenny Parker & DJ Premier is the standard classic sound that will never go out of style. The further you go away form this sound the more likely you won’t be around for long.

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