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Apollo Brown Re-releases Mixtape, Skilled Trade

by OSnapple on May 13, 2010

Call me what you will, but im more of a code digger then a record digger. So when i got schooled today about the likes of Apollo Brown, well let’s say i kind of expected to be scolded a bit.

In the past couple of weeks while i’ve been keeping the posts going while Trav’s been abroad, i have come across a great deal of new music.  Most of it was horrific, some of it was shit i would jam out to for a bit of time, and a select few will probably stay on the ipod for a year or more (untill they come out with something new).

12 days from now Apollo Brown will be releasing an album titled “The Reset” , Eric over at bloggerhouse turned me on to this dude and for the first time i think im going to be buying a complete album rather then individual tracks.

Check out the Re-Release of Skilled Trade HERE and check out the album “The Reset” May 25th

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willmofo May 16, 2010 at 4:15 pm

Please don’t sleep on this dopeness!!! Also, do not sleep on the new joint, “The Reset”!!!

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