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Bloggerhouse presents Scrunchface Sundays @ Bobblegods Radio (5.16.10 Full Show Playlist & D/L Links)

by Staff on May 17, 2010

I’d first like to once again thank all of the management, producers, beatmakers and artists that allowed us to play their material on the air last night. Since we had quite a few tracks left over from our previous three playlists we decided to go into overtime  so we’d have the opportunity to play all new music in upcoming shows so please continue to keep those submissions coming.

We’d like to thank St/MIC for his tireless work on arranging our playlists for our Sunday shows, securing UnReal Productions (The Unknown & Ralph Real) as guests in studio this week so they could play some ridiculous beats live as well thus providing some exclusives on our latest “Bloggerhouse presents Scrunchface Sundays” session that aired from 7-10 PM on as without his invaluable contributions our show would not be as fresh as it is.

Last night I posted what was played in order via Twitter but now I’ll post some information on each track so you can find it (if said slap is available for purchase, at least as UnReal Productions and ST/Mic played some exclusive tracks and the only way to get that heat on your project is to listen to said show & get the contact information that they dropped @ the end of the night.

Here are  all the tracks that made it to air &  downloadable links to the past two shows. These shows get better every week, that’s the way it should be. Thank you to all our listeners over the past three weeks that have spread the word about our show. We appreciate it greatly.

Bloggerhouse presents Scrunchface Sundays playlist for 5.16.2010  7-10 PM @ Bobblegods

MeccaGodZilla “Urfuked” off “ERROARS” (Godsendant Music)

Ayatollah “A Soul Prayer” off “Louder” (Triboro Bridge Commission)

Annu “Gossip” off “Def Vibrations” (Chocolate Milk/Bandcamp)

Eric Lau “Understanding” off “Kilawatt V2 EP” (Kilawatt)

Eric Lau “One” off “Kilawatt V2 EP” (Kilawatt)

DJ Khalil “GTA Chinatown Wars OST 5” off “GTA Chinatown Wars OST” (Free D/L)

Jneiro Jarel “Black Blocks” off “Android Love Mayhem EP” (Alpha Pup)

Soulful! f/Ihsan Bilal & Cayan “Out My Mind” off “The Mellow Life” (Inner Loop Records/Bandcamp)

Dibiase “Keep On Running” off “Cakeology EP” (Fat City)

Oddisee “Goodbye DC” off “Traveling Man” (Mello Music Group)

Ayatollah “Pound Cake” off “Louder”(Triboro Bridge Commission)

Tokimonsta “Glaring Lights” off “Cosmic Intoxication EP” (Ramp)

Nottz  “Cars” off “Shine So Bright EP” (Raw Koncept)

Sabzi (Blue Scholars) “Yavash” off “Slow Down Remix EP” (Free D/L)

Take “Implosions” off “Only Mountain” (Alpha Pup)

P.U.D.G.E.“Porkpie Crust” off “Don’t Touch My Drumset” (Bandcamp)

Leonard Dstroy “Last Lullabye” off “Higher Vibrations” (Bandcamp)

yU f. Grap Luva & Finale “Brainwash” (Apollo Brown Remix) off “The Reset” (Mello Music Group) (drops 5.25.10) [PICK OF THE WEEK]

UnReal Productions (The Unknown & Ralph Real)  Live beat section “Wonderful”/”Video Future”/”Have You Heard The News”/”Next Hit”/”Peter Parker’s Crazy Night Out” [EXCLUSIVES]

Stu Bangas “Veins Of Ice” off “Grime Wave Instrumentals” (Bloggerhouse/Free D/L)

Vanderslice “Action Music” off “The Big Gold Instrumentals” (Free D/L)

Freeway & Jake One “Microphone Killa instrumental” off “The Stimulus Package Instrumentals” (Rhymesayers Entertainment)

Hellsenda Productions “Violins Of Violence” [EXCLUSIVE]

Pete Cannon “The Head” [EXCLUSIVE]

Houseshoes “Hard As It Gets Instrumental” [EXCLUSIVE]

M Slago “Baby Teeth” [EXCLUSIVE]

M Slago “Don’t Wanna Fall” [EXCLUSIVE]

5th Element “Go Ahead It’s Yours” off “The Elements Of Life” (Free D/L)

UnReal Productions Interlude [EXCLUSIVE]

UnReal Productions “Golden Goose” [EXCLUSIVE]

Damu The Fudgemunk “Boomerang Luck” off “How It Should Sound Vols. 1 & 2″ (Redefinition Records)

Erik L & Illingsworth “Planet Of Peace” off “Northern Connection” (Soularp Records)

P.U.D.G.E.“DistantLuvHer” off “Don’t Touch My Drumset” (Bandcamp)

UnReal Productions Interlude #2 [EXCLUSIVE]

Chanes “Smoke Chronic” off “Experiments In Instrumentation” (Bandcamp)

Aspect One “One Melody” off “Vibe Over” (Bandcamp)

Onra “Jeeps” off “Long Distance” (All City) (drops on 5.25)

ST/Mic “Stop By” [EXCLUSIVE]

UnReal Productions “I Did Things With You” [EXCLUSIVE]

UnReal Productions “Outro” [EXCLUSIVE]

Get The MP3 Of Last Week’s Show (5.9.10) HERE. Get The MP3 Of This Week’s Show (5.16.10) HERE.

Producers, beatmakers, artists, management or labels can give us permission to play your material on the air or submit music for “Bloggerhouse presents Scrunchface Sundays @ Bobblegods Radio” @ or You can also @message/DM us on Twitter @ & Eric Coons (Bloggerhouse) @


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Ivan May 17, 2010 at 7:05 pm


james May 18, 2010 at 2:26 am

you should upload the mp3′s to zshare so they can just be streamed straight from the site!

but dope show once again

Dart_Adams May 18, 2010 at 6:59 am

Thanks, The show gets better every week. It’s been a true blessing so far…


ENIG May 18, 2010 at 2:24 pm

Use Usershare, Zshare is slow and unreliable, if you do stream em here.

Josef Zehetner May 18, 2010 at 5:10 pm

Thanks, great music on the show!

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