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Hipopera featuring London Urban Collective

by OSnapple on May 18, 2010

This is something pretty cool that i stumbled upon today figured i would give it out to yas to see what ya think.

We’d like to tell you about ‘Purgatory’, the new hipoopera featuring members of London Urban Collective, on at The Pleasance Theatre in Islington running from 3-5 June.

It’s a big project featuring members of London Urban Collective (Freeport Records) and a London community cast.

The story is unique, because it takes the high culture story of Purgatory from Dante’s Divine Comedy and brings it down to street level, in the form of original rap and songs peformed by the cast members. It’s the second part in the trilogy, the first being the film ‘Inferno’, which won a film award last year.

We’d really like you to give us a big shout about this on your blog/website!

Please let me know if you’d like more info, press photos, etc. and would like guest list to see the show. It’s gonna be amazing, we promise!

You can listen to new songs/monologues on here.  Depending on your net connection (ours is a bit slow) there may be a short pause before each song downloads:

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