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Natural Ingredients – The Excess EP

by OSnapple on May 21, 2010

So after a couple of weeks of staying on top of the inbox, im finally back to going to the stuff in the back of the inbox.  Fortunately there seems to be more good back there then bad, heres some of the goodness below.

The Natural Ingredients are slated to release their debut album, The Excess EP, for free as a digital download at Their Vermont-style flows were recorded in New York City where Alex “Mister Thumbs” Smith (vocals) laid down cheddar sharp lyrics while Timothy “Entricut” McLaughlin (vocals/production) oozed sweet maple syrup rhymes. Ears instantly perk when Mister Thumbs drops the first lines of his double-time verse over Entricut’s beat “Vilify,” a sonic collage of echoing trumpets, chopped violin samples, and snippets of Lily Allen’s seductive vocals from her track “Smile.” Though they have studied and practiced the techniques of old school teachers like Gang Starr and Rakim, the Natural Ingredients are re-interpreting their lessons and forging a new age hip-hop sound alongside their label mates on Purple Bird Music, to which they were signed in early 2009.

1. Vilify
2. Crosswind
3. Where Wolf
4. Write Away

Check out the single: “Vilify”

Earshot by purplebirdmusic

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