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cRITICAL & Sharp (2010 Policy) MP3

by Eric on May 22, 2010

Introducing…..”Quality Control”, a crew that consists of Sharp (of Thump Connection/ Hazardous Soundz Ent.) & cRITICAL (of Critical Madness/Creative Juices/ Hidden Agenda) along with a slew of other founding members that include emceez, djs, producers & graff artists. Their 2 hometown crews originally united in the late 90′s in Central Florida after several years of building in cypherz, crashing open mics & rockin’ at the same house parties. In other words, the roots are thick and the bond formed naturally which is evident from the organic chemistry demonstrated on their latest project titled “Toxic Therapy”. This Radioactive masterpiece stays true to their unique formula that will have tape headz blowin’ the dust off of their cassette crates to inject another dose of that analog vaccine that hip hop scientist fiend for! Their 1st experiment “2010 Policy” is fresh out the lab so circulate that & spread the germ! To be continued!


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