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by Staff on May 22, 2010

Here are a few MORE tracks by up and coming artists worth checking out that I’ve come across recently. Lend me an ear! © The D.O.C

Cyrus DeShield has been featured on Bloggerhouse before back in March but he’s kept busy and has kept me abreast of his career while he’s been making moves so that he’ll become a household name one day. He sent me over a couple of exclusive tracks that I’ll make available to the public right now. “My Grizzy” & “Play Ball” f/Antagonist, Chief C & Millyz

Cyrus DeShield. Don’t forget the name Bloggerhouse readers and remember where you saw and heard him first before other blogs start featuring him and posting up his music as well. We’re early adopters over here @ Bloggerhouse with proven track records. You can check out more of his tracks here or here so be on the lookout for future Cyrus DeShield music.

DJ Second Sense is a DJ/producer that’s put in a fair amount of work in the music game up until now. He sent me over a track he produced featuring Bavu Blakes, Headkrack & Chucky Sly called “Fire In The Firmament” that called for a for a couple rewinds during a writing session last week. The free flowing jazzy vibes begged for a written feature of it’s own.

For more DJ Second Sense production feel free to check out his Bandcamp page where he has open beats for purchase. Just holler @ DJ Second Sense directly via Twitter or by e-mail @

Shabazz Palaces is a mysterious band of musicians and vocalists based in Seattle. The frontman of the collective is Ishmael Butler AKA Palaceer Lazaro, formerly of Digable Planets & Cherrywine (and also a cousin of Gonjasufi). They’ve released two short but sweet projects to date. “Shabazz Palaces” and “Of Light. If you haven’t heard them…you’re sleeping. They may not be for everyone but you won’t know if they’re “for you” until you hear them for yourself. By the way, their music is tough to get a hold of unless you get it from them directly…

I was having the hardest goddamn time trying to define their style but my boy Zilla Rocca did it for me on Twitter he described them as, and I quote “Shabazz Palaces is like Mos Def and dead prez recording an album in (Flying) Lotus’ basement high on angel dust watching The Mack”. Perfect! © Street Fighter II Announcer *Starts a slow clap*. If you’re interested in having your mind blown check out Shabazz Palaces music here or here


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