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Richard Wright-RandomMixtape #10

by Eric on May 28, 2010

Even though the cover art leaves much to be desired, don’t let it fool you. Richard Wright’s “RandomMixtape 1.0″ is crazy nice. Read below to see what Trek Life has to say about Richard Wright:

I’m not going to stop promoting this emcee til you guys hop on the bandwagon lol

Ever since the homie J.Bizness introduced me to his music i’ve been a fan. I put Diamond District & DJ Quartermaine on to the 3P he did with J.Bizness & Rappersiknow and they bumped that shit NON-STOP while in LA.

PS. Can you tell me where you’ve heard those horns from “WestSide BestSide” from?

Get “RandomMixtape 1.0″ HERE

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Richard Wright May 31, 2010 at 10:59 am

Yo this is Richard Wright and the Horns Came from a 2010 Dodge Charger commercial. The song is called Hammerhead from some dude named Jack something… lol my bad. but yo thanx a lot for the post. I need all the posts I can get. Peace

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