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!llmind Presents: Seer – Why Wouldn’t I? (LP DL)

by Eric on June 1, 2010

Born in London, raised in LA, and now residing in NYC, one can only imagine the musical range and inspiration drawn from such an artist. His name is “Seer”, and he’s got a lot to get off his chest.

Not quite your typical rapper, singer, songwriter triple threat, Seer does music. Nothing more, nothing less. The sound is reminiscent of today’s American Cuisine in the ever-evolving “foodie” world; a mix of interesting ingredients, carefully conjured and presented with style and technique. Part Beatles, part Outkast, part Daft Punk with a touch of Pop? Maybe. Regardless of how many “parts” we’re talking here, it’s all good fun.

The album “Why Wouldn’t I?” is an introductory look into Seer’s world. Entirely produced by !llmind, its soundscape is just as interesting as its content. “When I first heard Seer’s music, I knew I had to work with him. I’m primarily known for “hip-hop” records, so to meet an artist as experimental and different as Seer, I knew I had to get into the studio with him.” !llmind says. “This is a chance for me to show to the world that I can do fun, light-hearted electro and pop records, but still keep it grimy and coherent to my sound.”


01. Why Wouldn’t I? (Produced by !llmind)

02. Married To The Night (Produced by !llmind)

03. Electric Original (Produced by !llmind)

04. Digital Girl (Produced by !llmind)

05. New $h!t (Produced by !llmind)

06. Heartattack Love (Produced by !llmind)

07. Wake Up (Produced by !llmind)

08. I Love This $h!t (Produced by !llmind)

09. Puppeteer (Produced by !llmind)

10. Real Life (Produced by !llmind)

11. Love Renaissance (Produced by !llmind)

12. Ill-Mind (Produced by !llmind)


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