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Eric’s “Most Played For The Week”

by Eric on June 4, 2010


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“-Slimkat 78

Taken From: Slimkat’s FREE instrumental LP, “Soundfreakers Vol. I”

At only 1:36,  I just couldn’t seem to get enough of Slimkat78′s “TimeFlysFunny Pt.#2 or his instrumental excursion, “Soundfreakers Vol. I”.  Responsible for producing nearly half of one of my all-time favorite albums, yU’s “Before Taxes” as well as handling some beats on Diamond District’s near-classic “In The Rufff”,  cats should already be up on Slim’s discography.  Also, for a true “outside the box” project(s), be sure to peep Slimkat’s work as 1/3 of OP Swamp81.  Yet another talent that has emerged from Chocolate City, Slimkat  originally leaked “Soundfreakers Vol. I” back in September, thank goodness we’ve finally got a “tracked” version, this LP is the perfect summertime soundtrack!

2. “Suicide Note” &

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-Ill Poetic

Taken From: “The World Is Illuminated” & “Illumination”

Damn, these tracks sound so beautiful don’t you agree?  Driving to work in this 85 degree heat with the sunroof open and the windows down, nothing in recent memory sounds more elegant in the ride than Ill Poetic’s “Suicide Note Reborn”.  A continuation of the second half the O.G. “Suicide Note” (“Illumination”), “..Reborn” finds Ill Poetic beefing the track with a more futuristic sound than that of the original.  I’ve also included a “listen” link for “Suicide Note” from “Illumination”, if you’ve never heard Ill’s debut, while not quite up to par with “T.W.I.O.”, it’s still a stellar debut that is well worth a purchase.  One of my favorite cats in the game, Ill Poetic is one of the most talented “double threats” you’ve never heard…let’s do something to change that….


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-Smoovth (of Tha Connection)

Taken From: Smoovth’s forthcoming solo debut “Checkmate”

Representing Hempstead (Long Island) is Bloggerhouse fav,  Smoovth of the highly touted duo Tha Connection. Young in age, but with an old soul, which can be attributed to musical influences ranging from  Slick Rick, Wu Tang Clan, DJ Premier, AZ, DITC, Pete Rock and Nas to just name a few. With his collaboration work via Tha Connection (who released 3 albums in 2009 worldwide) and his latest group effect as 1/3 of The Strangerz, Smoovth returns with his solo full length debut “Checkmate”. This 18-track release features production from DJ Kryptonite, KG Boom, Mac, Tape Roc, Euphony, Pawel G, 12Bit, Drums, INS P and AGQ; plus a guest appearance from Tha Connections’ Hus KingPin. Once you hear tracks like “Backwards” and “Old Soul Record” you will know Smoovth is that dude to watch out for in the underground hip hop scene!

However, the real gem on “Checkmate” is the all too short (1:27), “Never Had Enough”.  Produced by another Connection “find”, DJ Kryptonite, “Never Had Enough” finds Smoovth reflecting on days of youth lost over a tracked that is packed with emotion.  Tell me those strings and piano stabs don’t reel you in!  Be sure to cop “Checkmate” upon it’s release next Tuesday, June 8th.

4. “Blue Magic” (Draft)-Beat-Maker-Beat

Complete Album, Get It HERE

Yo Dart, I think you may have a late addition for your “Producers You Need To Hear” (that is, if you haven’t included him already?) series with Beat-Maker-Beat (despite the somewhat odd moniker).  Hailing from, of all places Russia, this cat has been releasing several projects as of late. Be sure to listen to his much of his discography via his MySpace, to include the impressive “Blue Magic” (Draft) instrumental LP”. It was hard to pick just one cut to include on this week’s “Most Played”, the standard Dilla influence is definitely intact, yet Beat-Maker-Beat does a fine job on this LP, carving out his own identity with an added dose of electro-fusion sprinkled into the mix. Oh, and you may want to remember his name because “guess who?” produced four(!) tracks on my man Shawn Jackson new LP, “Brand New Old Me”, dropping on Shawn’s label Tres Records July 27th!


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-Epsilon Project

Taken From: Epsilon’s “Audacity” EP

Yo, real talk if you haven’t copped, peeped, DL’d, etc. Epsilon Project’s new EP, “Audacity’ you’re truly missing out on something special.  With such an array of production talents included on this EP, to include Kev Brown, DJ Vaadim & Oh No, banging out such a variance in beats that it’s enough to satisfy any palate, and with the emcee tandem of J-Pro, Unxpect, Verb, Antidote and Calmplex verbally murdering tracks, “Audacity” is not just one of the better EP’s to drop in 2K10, it’s one of it’s finer albums.  Yet, with the more well-known producers featured on this album, it is the man responsible for “Turn It Up”, Supa Koopa who laced the track with an ill Oh No vocal slice and enough bounce to give you whiplash.  I really like the direction that this seven-man collective of Oxnard, CA residents are headed in, keep your eyes and ears open.


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-Native Tongues

Taken From:  Dres’ forthcoming LP, “Black Pool Of Genius” (dropping June 29th)

Yes, the Native Tongues have: “Officially been REINSTATED!” I know this is a supposed Dres “features” cut, but damn, can’t we just imagine for a minute? On a side note, unless Mike G (of the Jungle Brothers) changed the spelling of his name from “G” to “Gee” one of ya’ll dropped the ball on the “presser” and some of you so-called bloggers ‘uffed up even more for the oversight. That is, of course, if I’m right, but it appears that some of us old heads have seemingly got it?  Anyhow, “Birds Of A Feather” is an anthem, with it’s ill Fiona Apple vocal and a BOOMING production, all is fair in Hip Hop as Tip, Dres and Trugoy verbally attack this cut circa’ 1992 while Mike G (Gee?) handles the role of Spliff Starr.  But the question of the moment is: just who exactly is responsible for the production of “Birds Of A Feather”? Anyone?

7. “Gone”-Ghostpoet

Taken From: ‘poet’s EP “The Sound Of Strangers” (Get It HERE)

Funky? Check. Futuristic? Check. Catchy? Check. Addictive? Check. Yep, “Gone” is alladat (c) Brand Nubian, and then some. Emerging from Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood camp, Ghostpoet’s ‘The Sound Of Strangers EP’ is available now for free download. It presents an eloquent summary of where the rapper has been… and indeed where he’s going. Four tracks, three original compositions blessed with playful prose and one remix of A Tribe Called Quest’s  CLASSIC ‘Electric Relaxation (Relax Yourself Girl)’… and a feature from left-leaning pop mastermind Micachu… Don’t sleep on this young, inventive, British MC.  Especially if more is to come in the form of “Gone”.

8. “Fireworks”-Drake f. Alicia Keys

Taken From: C’mon son….

I can’t front, Drake’s “So Far Gone” was “everyday” music for me last summer.  Now, with the arrival (*ahem*) of Drake’s HIGHLY anticipated “Thank Me Later” I was hoping for more of the same to get me through this summer.  Even though Swizzy remarked on Twitter that the leak isn’t the “actual” album, it sure as hell sounds finalized to me!  To hell with Swizzy anyway for knockin’ up one of my favorite girls.  Imagine an album full of “Fireworks”?  I believe that “Fireworks” initially leaked nearly two weeks ago, yet I avoided all of the leaks from this album prior to Tuesday night’s surprise.  I don’t give a damn if you’re a hardrock that goes to the club and posts high on the wall all night long or so tied up in the Golden Age that you can’t get past 1996 (I see you Jaz, I still love ya’ maaan!) “Fireworks” is that knock.  While I’m not to fond of Drake’s “one-liners” or lack thereof, Drake’s boy “40″ killed it on the production tip and Mrs. Beatz’ sultry vocals gimme’ the goosebumps.  Quite honestly, I’ve probably bumped this track 30 or more times in the whip since I heard it.  As for the remainder of “Thank Me Later”?  Well, I’ll leave that up to Dart….


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Taken From: Hype Dog’s “New School Beat Tape”  (major props to this site for their producer features in May, a must check for)

Hailing from the land of the “Spur” (San Antonio) Xperiment hit me over the head with the insanely funky instrumental “donut”, “Wait & See”. The track, which can be found on UK site HypeDog’s “New School Beat Tape” intermingles the forward thinking electronica implementation of eerie synts and wails with traditional boom bap production.  Definitely unique. What I really like about “Wait & See” is Xperiment’s successful combination of the airy element found in much of Flying Lotus’ work and the hard kicks that are often found on nearly every producer from Detroit’ albums(insert: sarcasm), such as Apollo Brown, 14KT and Black Milk.  Having already lent his production talents to (what is really an odd pair ) Curren$y and Braille, Xpirement is definitely one cat whom I won’t be sleeping on this year,  and many more ahead.

(The NEW CLASSIC) 10. “What A World”-Charlie Ross Project

Every week from here to the death of Bloggerhouse, my final track of my top 10 will always be a “NEW CLASSIC”.  Meaning:  A track that myself, Trav or Dart have grown to love since the inception of our site(s), or a track that has reached classic status over the last 3-4 years.  Up first this week is Charlie Ross’ “What A World” a track that you’ve read about PLENTY of times over the last two years.  Let’s take a look back shall we?

Charlie Ross Project? I know many of you are scratching your heads right now, but you shouldn’t be, as only one other tracked received more rotation in my Ipod than the hypnotizing, inspiring, bottom-heavy, instant classic “What A World”. Simply put, this right here is the type of sh*t that I enjoy most as a blogger, really what I (we) do this for. When an artist such as Charlie Ross, yU, Aarophat & Illastrate, etc. basically emerges from the depths of “no-namedom” (I just made that up, pretty slick, ehh?) and delivers something as beautiful and original as this…well, it makes all this hard work and time consumption worth it.

DMV  MC/Producer Charlie Ross, hot off the heels of the success and notoriety of Diamond District’s “In The Ruff”, dropped his very own “project”, one that was oddly enough birthed in Okinawa, Japan. To be honest, this is the first I’d heard of Charlie, and hopefully it won’t be the last. The project was presented by yU of Diamond District, whom I sure you know, dropped my 2nd favorite LP of 2009 “Before Taxes”. Sonically and lyrically, this is exactly the kind of music I treasure most. “The Charlie Ross Project” featured your traditional thump in the trunk coupled with a spaced out electronic flair and a hint of jazz.

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Dart June 4, 2010 at 4:29 am

Heard Lorn yet? Or the new Mono/Poly? Sheeeit! © Clay Davis

Eric June 4, 2010 at 2:40 pm

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