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The Leauge of Extraordinary G'z NEW MUSIC!

by Juice Mannen Hugo on June 4, 2010

If found some jamming shit over at Tha Fixx, which by the way is the best place on the internets if you wanna stay up on non-Houtson Texas rap.. And there is alota Texas music that aint heard, Dallas got swanging shit and the kids music, dougie, which is something else. If that’s not your thing though, there’s alot of stuff that don’t sound like Paul Wall and that isn’t all slowed downed hooks, remember groups like Strange Fruit Project and Mojoe hails from Waco or San Antonio or something.

The Leauge of Extraordinary G’z is a group consisting of three other groups, all from Austin. I’m guessing they decided to do a mixtape together to get more exposure to the Austin scene and their music, and it sorta worked, since I never heard of any of these rappers before vol. 1 dropped earlier this year. And they’re felt so good about it they decided to do another mixtape, vol. 2!! Which dropped around the internets just the other day. It sounds sorta like this:

Now that was only some of the group members, it’s a shame it’s the only proper video I found olnine, not counting live performances. I’m not sure if I got this right, but I think The Leauge consists of the following groups and induviduals: C.O.D. [Mr. Greezo, Tuk-da-gat, S-Dot, Lil' J], SouthBound [LowKey, Sandman], and Dred Skott [Esbe, Reggie Coby].
In my opinion, they produce music that deserves to get heard, and I think there’s a few of you who haven’t heard this yet and very likely might like it.

Mixtape below. Vol. 1 and more Austin music is to be found at tha fixx.

The Leauge of Extraordinary G’z – Conceled Weapons Vol. 2 (DOWNLOAD)

1. HA HA (Tuk-Da-Gat, S. Dot, Greezo & Esbe)
2. We Gon Make It (Reggie Coby, Esbe & Lowkey)(Prod. Matt Schad)
3. Boom Boom Boom (Da C.O.D.)(Composed By DJ Wes Sanders)
4. Bitch Move (Reggie Coby & Tuk-Da-Gat)
5. Home (Greezo, Tuk-Da-Gat, Esbe & Reggie Coby)(Prod. Chop Steak)
6. Window Seat (Greezo & Sandman)(Remix)
7. Turnt Up (S. Dot & Chamillionaire)(Remix)
8. Dead Fresh/Nice Kicks (Tuk-Da-Gat & S. Dot)(Prod Reggie Coby)
9. Truth (Reggie Coby & Tuk-Da-Gat)(Prod Reggie Coby)
10. Drive Slo (Reggie Coby, Tuk-Da-Gat & Lil J)
11. Round Here (Esbe, Greezo, Lil J & Tuk-Da-Gat)(Prod Nasty Kutz)
12. Go HAWD (Lowkey & Trae the Truth)(Tosin Remix)
13. Soulja Shit (Lowkey & Greezo)
14. Buy U Sumthin (Brooks City, Tuk-Da-Gat, S. Dot & Lil J)
15. Over (S. Dot & Lil J)
16. Get Em Up (Tuk-Da-Gat, S. Dot & Lowkey)
17. C2theO-D (S. Dot, Tuk-Da-Gat & Lil J)
18. Not Afraid (Dred Skott & Lowkey)(Remix)
19. Satisfaction (S. Dot & Esbe)
20. Unthinkable (S. Dot, Lowkey & Esbe)
21. Trae Day (Reggie Coby, Tuk-Da-Gat & Geezo)

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