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The MTV Movie Awards = LOL

by OSnapple on June 6, 2010

Wow so i know this isnt very relevant but im a audio guy and audio cuts and edits are quite my thing.

Well the lack of “Bleeps” have keep me LOL’ing all night.

Mark walberg “Markey Mark” was up in the air and said ” Fuck around lay around.” and then follows it up with  ” ill Taylor swift your ass” and one more time says ” is this the fucking Oscars”

i mean shit i live in production but this shit is off the chain even for MTV  awards in the words of my video production roommate “Fuck is the fucking word, they cant say, even after if its after 10pm”

he makes me LOL every time but hes 99.9% Spot on with rules and regs

just a short drunk rant i thought i would have

EDIT= Did anyone see the closeup of Aguilera’s Cooch hahahaha Classic place to put a battery pack

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