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Lord Finesse & Pete Rock – Masterpiece 01 & 03 (Album DL’s)

by Eric on June 14, 2010

“Masterpiece 01″ Mixed by Pete Rock

Yet another one of the numerous albums that have ended up on my hard drive (which crashed yesterday…oh shit!!!) and I couldn’t begin to tell you how I came across it originally. “Masterpiece 01″ along with “Masterpiece 03-Mixed By Lord Finesse” are both Japan only releases from the Handcuts Records imprint..which I know absolutely nothing about. As far as this mixtape handled by Pete Rock is concerned, it’s not one of my favorites being that there is really no flow to the overall mix that the “Soul Brother #1″ has pieced together. Not to say that it’s a bad thing whatsoever, it’s just that tracks like the opener (Mandrill’s “Fencewalk”) seem a little out of place setting the pace for the likes of The Roots “Panic!”.

The same case can also be made for The Peech Boys “Dance Sister” blending into Common’s “Go”. Still, P.R. does get major props for highlighting some of my favorite “overlooked” classics within the mix i.e, Cru’s “Bubblin” & O.C.’s “Far From Yours”. Pete also drops the Tom Scott classic “Today” which has been a major sample for some of your favorite artists. I’m sure you’ll get the same feeling as I did upon first listen when Pete drops The Lost Boyz’ “Jeep, Lex Coupes…” and leads you smack into “Freeway & Allen Anthony’s “Alright” (WTF??). While not quite as long track-wise as the Finesse “Masterpiece” I’ve posted, Pete Rock’s “Masterpiece 01″ still contains more than a few classics with decent blends that will surely make for an enjoyable listen on any road trip.


1 Mandrill /Fencewalk
2 The Roots/Panic !!!!!!
3 Peech Boys/Dance Sister (Biofeedback)
4 Common/Go!
5 Tom Scott/Today
6 L.L. Cool J/Mama Said Knock You Out
7 Redman/Can’t Wait
8 Parliament/Funkentelechy
9 Cru/Bubblin’
10 Showbiz & A.G./Next Level
11 Ghostface Killah/Be Easy
12 Lost Boyz/Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz
13 Freeway feat. Allen Anthony/Alright
14 Black Sheep/Flavor Of The Month
15 Group Home/Supa Star
16 Rakim/The Saga Begins
17 The Jackson 5/I’ll Bet You
18 O.C. feat. Yvette Michele/Far From Your
19 Pete Rock/Revenge
20 Pete Rock feat.Vanessa Sanchez/I Had To Say
21 Pete Rock feat.Slum Village/Gansta Boogie

As you can see, the almighty Lord Finesse is on the mix and to be quite honest I agree with much of his selections but there are a few that will raise some eyebrows on this otherwise pretty dope mix. I believe that this was a Japan only import and it’s going for somewhere between the $30-$40 range at most places I’ve checked out online. Overall, this is an interesting view into Finesse’s musical taste that I think most folks will enjoy!

Get “Masterpiece 03″ HERE

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jrrider June 16, 2010 at 3:38 am

Thanks for these gems!! g/l

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