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Trumaine – Beats By Trumaine Vol. II (DL)

by Eric on June 14, 2010

“Beats By Trumaine”-Trumaine

Get “Beats By Trumaine Vol. 2″ HERE

So, as usual, Dart, St. Mic and I were reeling off another seamless  Scrunchface Sundays show, comprised of countless bangers when all of a sudden I take notice to the sparse drums and ear-piercing synths better known as Trumaine’s “Sucker”.  Immediately, I shout to Dart on the other end of the line: “Yo, WHO IS THIS?”, and while Dart has been in contact with Trumaine (who hails from Waukegan, Illinois) for a minute, I was instantly put in a trance after hearing the bangin’ track.

Well, here’s the good and the bad:  for now, we offer you Trumaine’s “Beats By Trumaine Vol.2″ as a free download (also, there’s a “Vol. I” floating around the interwebs, but I have yet to find a working link), but you’ll have to wait for “Sucker” and it’s inclusion on our link from the audio for last evening’s “Scrunchface Sunday”.  As an added bonus, Trumaine was kind enough to send us a  “loose” track, “Killer”,  that can be previewed below and you can also peep his BandCamp for another injection of dope.

Peep “Killer” HERE

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