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Wordsworth – Be A Man (A Day Late..)

by Eric on June 21, 2010

“Be A Man” -Wordsworth

Cop “Mirror Music” HERE

Maybe, just maybe this would have been a more fitting song for Father’s Day.  Yet, for reasons unknown, the hook for Wordsworth’s “Be A Man” (taken from Word’s ’04 release, “Mirror Music”), as simple as it may be has been stuck in my head all damn day.  “Be A Man” wasn’t just a favorite of mine from the last decade, it’s one of my 50 tracks EVER.  Produced by relative unknown, DJ 3D, “Be A Man” is a poignant track that finds Words’ recollecting on life’s experiences, that has evolved him into manhood.  The production on this jawn isn’t complicated by any stretch of the means, yet remains very soulful and undeniably funky, very simplistic.  It’s amazing what a good sample selection can do for you.

I’ve been meaning to revisit this track, and album for that matter, for quite sometime.  What a better time than know?  By the way, how many of you can recall “Be A Man’s” inclusion on those old HipHopSite “Preemptive Hype” CDs (Vol. 1, I believe)?  Be sure to peep this, I promise you’ll be reeled in.

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wordsworthisthetruth July 1, 2010 at 2:49 pm

Man thank you so much for posting this! Today it was stuck all day in my head and I did a google search and found your spot. Especially that hmmm…hmmm…part of the beat. I was needing it big time. Wordsworth>>>>all these other wack rappas.

This song is great but “Guardian Angel” is still my favorite off that album.

Gina August 21, 2010 at 7:52 pm

this is hot.

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