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Lobotomy Music from Short Fuze & Nasa

by OSnapple on June 22, 2010

The guys over at Uncommon Records are back at it again with another release.  Lobotomy Music is one of those albums that remind you where NYC hip hop came from.  When I first cycled through the tracks it instantly reminded me of a bunch of tracks off one of my personal favorite albums Sound Bombing 2.  Coming out on June 29th by way of Uncommon Records, we were fortunate enough to get a chance to check it out before it drops.  You can find my thoughts on the album below.

LOBOTOMY MUSIC cover art Hip Hop

01 Poison Make Me Pretty

The album starts off with some hard grimey verses over beats that leave me feeling like I need to shower.   The lyrics on this track are deep. With lines like “So hard when i had to pull the needle from his arm” this isn’t your typical happy flow track but more of a deeper release in my opinion.

02 Gods Waiting Room

The tempo picks up with the track with some classic scratches.  Something I have always been a fan of but have not heard in music in a little while is when the beat starts to dismantle, removing the sounds till all thats left is a snare, kick and hi-hat.  It was nice to hear that multiple times throughout this track.  It really lets the lyrical and Emcee stand out.

03 Break Down the Walls (feat. Nasa)

The album build up is starting to become apparent now.  This track has a little more meaty beat, while the lyrics still stay raw and grimey.  The verses split between Short Fuze and Nasa come together very well.

04 Beautiful Anger

They always say a number 4 is going to be a hit track.  Right off the bat the beat comes in with all sorts of accents.  At about 40 seconds the track takes a 180 on the beat while the verse remains solid.  lets just say that the track name Beautiful Anger is a perfect description.

05 Turn Off the Lights (feat. The Presence)

This track started off a little slower then I personally like.  The first verse made up for it with a changed up flow that what was on the previous 4 tracks.  The Lyrics on this track are straight forward clear and in your face.

06 Dont Feed the Machine
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Quite possibly my favorite on the album. The track starts with some guitars, whammy bars, with a swing to the drums.  This beat is melodic and really draws you into each and every part of the track.  It ends with the sweet sound of scratches and Johnny Cash.

07 Bully Rappers (feat. Eleven, Passive65ive & Karniege)

Kicks, Snares and Saturday morning cartoons is what comes to mind when hearing this beat. There are plenty of tracks out there with multiple features in them, but in my opinion they usually fall short of being able to mesh together well.  This track was successfully fused together with a short interlude in the middle separating emcees that sound very well together.

08 Berserker Fury (feat. Augury & Taiyamo Denku)

All I can think about when i hear Berserker is the line from the movie Clerks. According to the Wikitionary Berserker is One who fights as if in a rage; one who berserks. The verses in this track are well represented by the name. At about 2 minutes the lyrics kick into high gear and leave you pressing rewind to catch all that was said.

09 Doomsday Device (feat. Nasa)

This Beat = Crazy. Back and forth, forth and back then BAM snares and crashes.  Then Short Fuze kills it with some high intensity lyrics.  This has to be one of those beats that if you heard it without lyrics you would be asking yourself how someone could even attempt to rhyme over it.

10 Master Peace

Nasa and Short Fuze really did a great job on fitting beats and lyrics.  This beat is substantially darker then the other on the album, but with what Short Fuze is talking about in his verses and how he lays them out its a beautiful darkness.

11 Gorgeous

This track starts out so clear and deep I would have liked to hear it in a Acapella Spoken Word format.  Going back to what I said earlier about Short Fuze and Nasa being able to whole heartedly combine the right flow with the right beat is extremely audible in this closing track.

The Verdict

This album is exactly what it is described as in a quote from

Short Fuze’s solo debut was a long time in the making, it took a life time actually. “Lobotomy Music” is truly one man’s story navigating life’s ups and downs. It’s proof that every person’s story on Earth can be defined as “epic

This may not be your run of the mill party album, but it does invoke a lot of thought and deeper thinking that a lot of music put out nowadays lacks.   Overall i’m impressed with Uncommon Records ability to provide a scope for an album and execute the plan perfectly.

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